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Bible-based Webinar Tackles Life Topics with God’s Words

An online study using the Holy Scriptures to tackle relevant life topics reaches many across the nation; an uplifting musical presentation of faith, love, and hope is held in British Columbia.

RICHIE FERRERA: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: an online collaboration with INC Media brings the truth to more people who seek God; in British Columbia, a musical competition featuring songs of faith, love and hope. Stay tuned. 


RICHIE FERRERA: Welcome back to INC News World, I’m Richie Ferrera, coming to you from Anaheim, California, as we continue this week’s episode. Many parts of the world are experiencing a return to normalcy not seen since the start of the pandemic. However, due to over a year of social distancing, we continue to feel the lasting effects of the increased use of social media to communicate. But let’s also learn how it had opened doors to valuable information reaching many more people during a crucial time. Michelle Peredo has the details. 


MILTON CHRISTOPHER (RESIDENT – MCKINNEY, TEXAS): It’s been more than a year that we’re sitting at home and trying to figure out the things which are happening in this world.

MICHELLE PEREDO: Milton, a resident from Texas, and his experience during the pandemic is a common one, as it gave plenty of people time to think and ponder on the world around them. But through the power of the internet and social media, he was able to log on to a meeting that gave him answers to some dire questions.

MILTON CHRISTOPHER (RESIDENT – MCKINNEY, TEXAS): It comes to our mind that “Why is God allowing all these things to happen?”

WEBINAR VIDEO: What will our lives be like after this pandemic? Will we even be able to live normal lives again? So how can we deal with all of these changes and instabilities in the world and still remain hopeful? And many may even be asking where is God in all of this?

MILTON CHRISTOPHER (ATTENDEE – MCKINNEY, TEXAS): We certainly needed this kind of a topic.

MICHELLE PEREDO: An online study of God’s words in collaboration with INC Media, a media arm of the Church Of Christ and the districts of Southeast California, Texas, and Virginia, that were campaigned through social media; featuring topics aimed to give viewers answers coming directly from the Holy Scriptures to some of life’s most crucial matters by ministers of the gospel.

WEBINAR VIDEO: Why should we place our hope and our trust in God? Here in the book of Jeremiah, the chapter is 29:11…

MILTON CHRISTOPHER (ATTENDEE – MCKINNEY, TEXAS): Such a wonderful topic: “Why do we need God at these times?” One thing that stood out is that how deeply the word is connected and how you relate everything to the Bible. Not just somebody speaking but it’s God directly speaking to us.

MICHELLE PEREDO: People across the nation tuned in.

MILTON CHRISTOPHER (ATTENDEE – MCKINNEY, TEXAS): The very one good thing that I liked about it is the number of people who joined and from different locations.

LOVELEE ANDERSON (INC MEMBER – FORTH WORTH, TEXAS): Everybody is so busy and everybody’s on their phone, everybody’s on their computer, so what better way to involve other people in what we’re trying to do is through social media.

ANDREW ARPAGIAN (GUEST – FORT WORTH, TEXAS): And with the pandemic, I’ve been traveling back and forth home to California but the format made it really convenient to log in and attend the Bible study remotely.

MICHELLE PEREDO: And they were enlightened from all the things they learned.

VANESSA REYNOLDS (ATTENDEE – CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS): I thought it was very enriching and informative and it was strictly related to the topic and to the Bible.

WEBINAR VIDEO: Let’s discover together why accepting God’s will is an important part of understanding God’s plan for our lives.

BROTHER LOWEL DAVID (MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL): The activity was able to be found by so many different people, because of the sharing of the invitations through the different social media platforms. We had so many guests with the help of our Almighty God, that didn’t even know any members of the Church Of Christ, all because they were able to find this event being done within our district. And one beautiful thing was that there were many guests that decided to stay all three days of the webinar. 

MILTON CHRISTOPHER (ATTENDEE – MCKINNEY, TEXAS): This is the hope that we need to share with others. If each one of us could kind of propagate the same word to our friends and families, this is the same hope that we need to be sharing with others as well. 

MICHELLE PEREDO: To find out how to register for the next event or if you want to learn more about how your district can hold a future study, email us at[VIDEO END]

RICHIE FERRERA: Music has the power to be enjoyable and can play a role in strengthening social bonds.


Studies have shown that people affiliate musical taste with holding certain values. Greater Good Magazine

RICHIE FERRERA: And in British columbia, let’s learn how a group of performers were able to share the values they uphold through music. 


RICHIE FERRERA: Inspiration could be felt as performances were showcased virtually in a musical competition, “Songs of Faith, Love and Hope.” Church Of Christ members of all ages throughout the District of British Columbia took part in performing Christian-based music that showcased values they uphold inside the Church Of Christ. And while this brought joy and happiness into the homes of many, it also strengthened the faith of those in the process of joining the Church Of Christ.

JOEHL CABADING (INC MEMBER – NEW WESTMINSTER, BRITISH COLUMBIA): We are not only focusing on the Bible studies, teaching them the lessons of the Bible, but by showing them the music that was created by our brethren and the talent of singing. And this way, it will give them some upliftment to actively join in other activities that is being held inside the Church.

RICHIE FERRERA: In addition to watching musical performances, Bible students, guests, and Church Of Christ members took part in games. Also learning about the different shows, tools and websites they can use to strengthen and share their faith. “Songs of Faith, Love, and Hope” here in British Columbia was also done in commemoration of the 11th anniversary since the establishment of the District of British Columbia along with the 25th anniversary of the Local Congregation of Surrey

MUSICAL PROGRAM: We would like to greet all of our bible students and under probations. And also we would like to greet all our brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of British Columbia, Canada happy 11th anniversary to all of us beloved brethren.

RICHIE FERRERA: And to conclude this inspiring event, a short biblical lesson was led by Brother Moriel Cadacio.

NATALIE FITZPATRICK (INC MEMBER – RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA): I think having these activities helps provide them that sense of community that they might not have outside the Church and that also encourages them to be more active and to feel closer to everyone around them, to be a part of this one big family that is the Church Of Christ around the world.

RICHIE FERRERA: While music has been used to strengthen the love of the brotherhood, it has also solidified the faith of Church Of Christ members. To learn about the latest activities in the Church Of Christ log onto world


RICHIE FERRERA: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Friday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m Richie Ferrera. On behalf of the entire INC News World team, thank you for joining and we hope you continue to stay safe wherever you may be. We’ll see you next time. Have a great weekend and God bless!

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Bible-based Webinar Tackles Life Topics with God’s Words