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A Woman Dedicates Her Love for Singing to God

Choir members in the Mt. States unite for an inspiring special gathering; in Papua New Guinea, a lay Lutheran preacher finds true understanding of God's Words.


RICHIE FERRERA: This week on INC News World, one woman’s love for music develops into a lifelong joy for singing. And one lay preacher’s search to better understand the Bible leads him to the true faith. Your INC News World starts now. 


RICHIE FERRERA: Welcome to INC News World,  I’m Richie Ferrera, coming to you from Los Angeles, California and we hope everyone is continuing to stay safe wherever you are today. Music has many benefits in a child’s early development, (continued in graphics)


HOST CONTINUED: such as helping with literacy, thinking, and even inspire creativity.

RICHIE FERRERA: And in Las Vegas, let’s meet Anne, who even from a young age, learned and used her knowledge of music as a way to show her thanks to God. Nikki Payumo has the details.


NIKKI PAYUMO: Anne Macy, a resident in Las Vegas, has been a choir member in the Church Of Christ ever since she was a child.

ANNE MACY GATUS (CHOIR MEMBER – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): The moment I learned how to read, I immediately joined the choir and actually became one of the youngest choir members during my time.

NIKKI PAYUMO: And since that moment, Anne Macy knew that singing for God was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. 

ANNE MACY GATUS (CHOIR LEADER – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): I have been a choir member for 30 years now. And since then, there was no looking back.

NIKKI PAYUMO: Because it’s in the choir loft, where Anne Macy feels the most at home. 

ANNE MACY GATUS (CHOIR LEADER – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): Every time I step onto that choir loft what I immediately feel is our Almighty God telling me, “Oh welcome home, anak [my child].” It’s like telling me that this is what you’re meant to be doing. That is immediately what I feel. I always look forward to that special one-on-one time that I have with our Almighty God.

NIKKI PAYUMO: And especially due to the ongoing pandemic people have been experiencing anxiety and stress. Despite that, Anne Macy finds peace when she sings for God.

ANNE MACY GATUS (CHOIR LEADER – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): Just that feeling that we are closer and closer to our Almighty God, when we are performing our duties. That makes it all the more special too because we are united in that heart and in spirit and we are able to praise our Almighty God in a great way, such as singing.

NIKKI PAYUMO: This is also why in the ecclesiastical district of Mountain States, a special gathering, led by the Supervising Minister Brother Artemio Pilon Jr., was held for the choir members while they gathered in the house of worship along with others connected via video conferencing. Attendees throughout the district were re-inspired and reminded of the importance of their duties in leading the brethren in singing hymns to God during worship services.

ANNE MACY GATUS (CHOIR LEADER – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): Being able to perform that with brethren that we all love so much and all of us that share the same faith, the same conviction, and the same willingness to obey the commandments of our Almighty God, and serve him fully. That makes it all the more special.

NIKKI PAYUMO: Anne Macy knows that there are other choir members that feel the same way as her, like Michelle, a member of the choir for 12 years, that shares the same love for God, and the choir, even during the pandemic, when Michelle was performing at home.

MICHELLE BARILEA (CHOIR MEMBER – WEST LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): I just know that even though we’re not physically together, even when we’re in our different remote sites, that we’re all still united in our singing and that we’re all still giving praises and glory to our Almighty God.

ANNE MACY GATUS (CHOIR LEADER – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA): I am a firm believer that every duty is a gift from our Almighty God. And that is something that I really hold truly in my heart. It is true when choir members tell you that their greatest wealth in life is really being a choir member.

NIKKI PAYUMO: It’s through gatherings like these that members of the Church Of Christ continue to find encouragement and strengthen their faith especially through these difficult times. If you live in Las Vegas or anywhere in the Mountain States area, and want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit us and click the “Worship with us” tab and type in Mountain States to find a congregation near you to speak with a minister of the gospel. Nikki Payumo, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Las Vegas, Nevada.


RICHIE FERRERA: The country of Papua New Guinea is home to around 750 tribes, each with its own distinct beliefs and customs, but it’s also here where one native begins his journey, in search for the true Words of God. Brendan Thompson has the details.


MATTHEW SUNA (LAY PREACHER – LUTHERAN CHURCH): I was a lay preacher of the Lutheran Church in my province and they [told] me to become a pastor. We went to another parish and preached around there for some years. Not in only one place, but in different places, in different clans. We read the Bible and explained it, explained to the people, but that [act of] goodness did not satisfy me.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Dissatisfied with the Lutheran Church and wanting to better understand the Words of God, Matthew was determined to find where the pristine Words of God are taught. 

MATTHEW SUNA (LAY PREACHER – LUTHERAN CHURCH): From my [point of view] I know that some pastors, they used to give us texts. [They] read the Bible, but they just go on one paragraph. [The] explanation doesn’t go through other [verses.] So that’s why I know that I [was] still wrong. So I dropped out [of] my church.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Returning to his home in Lae City, his search brought him to a gathering–a Church Of Christ Bible Study led by Ministerial Worker, Brother Edmark. 

BROTHER EDMARK VELASCO (MINISTERIAL WORKER – LAE CITY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA):  Brother Matthew is a well known lay preacher in the Lutheran Church in their province. One day the Bible students whom I visit daily to hold regular Bible studies, they invited him to attend our evangelical mission. Due to his curiosity and longing to know, what is this Church Of Christ all about, right after that evangelical mission he approached me and he told me that he wants to be registered as one of my Bible students.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Matthew’s search for the true Words of God came to an end after listening to the Bible based teachings inside the Church Of Christ.

MATTHEW SUNA (LAY PREACHER – LUTHERAN CHURCH): When I was there, Brother Edmark, he went there and he [read] us some [verses] and questions and answers from the Bible, he read the question then he read the answer from the other [verse.] I know that I was a pastor too, but I was wrong.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: After that first listen, Matthew eagerly began Bible studies inside the Church Of Christ. 

MATTHEW SUNA (FORMER LAY PREACHER – LUTHERAN CHURCH): So that’s what made me change my life. I started as a Bible student. And then we asked many questions from the Bible too and then [Brother Edmark] gave us all the answers from the Bible. Not like the Lutherans before.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Today Matthew joins others in  the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West in the places of worship of Wewak, Madang, Port Moresby and Lae City, who were blessed to receive the Holy Baptism inside the Church Of Christ. Led by Minister of the Gospel, Brother Regino Manangan Jr., with the assistance of ministerial worker, Brother Edmark Velasco, over the course of 5 days.

MATTHEW SUNA (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – LAE CITY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA): Today I know that the Church Of Christ is the real [true] Church.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Within the same week, 2369 km south of Papua New Guinea, more baptisms were held in the Local Congregations of Melbourne, Darwin, and Perth. Led by Supervising Minister, Brother Romeo Beltran who reminded those awaiting baptism the importance of their membership inside the Church Of Christ.

BROTHER JONAS MEDRANO (ASSISTANT SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF AUSTRALIA WEST): We members of the Church Of Christ untiringly share with our fellow men, our faith–the pristine gospel. Because out of love we want them to truly benefit from the living hope, [that] the Words of God offer.

BROTHER JONAS MEDRANO (ASSISTANT SUPERVISING MINISTER, ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT OF AUSTRALIA WEST): The word of God is the truth. And our Lord Jesus Christ, wants people not only to hear and learn the Words of God, but most importantly, to obey them faithfully and uncompromisingly.

MATTHEW SUNA (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – LAE CITY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA): We believe in one God and I know that this is the true Church. And now I am a [member] of the Church Of Christ.

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Now as a newly baptized member of the Church Of Christ Matthew makes a promise to share the true faith.

MATTHEW SUNA (NEWLY BAPTIZED MEMBER – LAE CITY, PAPUA NEW GUINEA): I promise that I will stay with the Church Of Christ, but I will remind all my family, relatives and loved ones will come inside [the Church.]

BRENDAN THOMPSON: Members in this part of the world will continue sharing the true faith they have found inside the Church Of Christ. To learn more about the Church Of Christ visit know-us. Brendan Thompson, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network, Melbourne, Australia.


RICHIE FERRERA: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: the true Words of God reach remote regions in Haiti. And in Southern Africa, a man who learns about the doctrine of God’s Messenger is inspired to seek the true Church.  Stay tuned. 

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A Woman Dedicates Her Love for Singing to God