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What Can This Church Offer Your Community?

Get to know the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in your neighborhood, the impact it makes in your community and learn what this Church can do for you.


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We’re GLAD you’re here. Let us tell you a little bit ABOUT US

Voiceover: While some may not have heard about the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church Of Christ, local communities have felt it’s presence through projects like the INC Giving Project. Whether they be Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, or neighborhoods. They’ve felt simple acts of kindness such as these from INC members from different parts of the world. And as you can see, in your region too.

Stg. Ben Starke: I’ve noticed with this Church is you guys have a huge outreach towards—You guys have made it a point to reach out to the community and work with the city and the [Police] department and your community which is awesome. We need more churches and more people like that to do that.

Lt. Allan Roman: We were so overwhelmed with just the open acceptance and the true love that we felt just spending a couple hours with the folks of your congregation. Overall, probably the most positive experiences that I’ve ever been involved with in my career in law.

Larreka Williams: I really thank you guys because I mean, you are really good people. 

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Helping 2016 Louisiana Flood Victims, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Larreka: We haven’t had anybody to actually walk the neighborhood saying, “Are you ok? Do you need anything?” But I think this really meant a lot to me. It may not mean a lot to others but it meant a lot to me for somebody to actually show you that they care.

Voiceover: Perhaps you’ve seen this seal around your city or in your town. The Iglesia Ni Cristo has thousands of established congregations around the world. In over 100 countries and territories.

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La Motte, Iowa

Bronx, New York

Phoenix, Arizona

Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

Burlingame, California

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sydney, Australia

Rome, Italy

Chicago, Illinois

Forest Hills, New York

Little Rock, Arkansas

Dallas, Texas

Harmon, Guam

Washington D.C., USA

Newport, Wales

Gunma, Japan

Christchurch, New Zealand

Cape Town, South Africa

Voiceover: With houses of worship having a very distinct design and architecture, the INC has been garnering headlines for new houses of worship built in record numbers around the globe.  In local congregations, there are projects and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether it be sports, music, the arts, kids events, volunteer opportunities, you name it, there’s something for everyone in the INC. With so many projects for young people, it helps keep them busy, out of trouble, and most importantly, closer to our Almighty God.

Cherie Faye Mora: You could really see the love and the brotherhood. And I think it’s just being with brothers and sisters who value the faith that you do. It’s amazing to have that kind of support system.

Chanelle Amoguis: It keeps you away from all the bad things that you’re not supposed to like other teenagers or adults our age would be going out to clubs, or gambling, or drinking, or anything like that. But these activities help to promote a better lifestyle that keeps us away from doing anything that would harm us spiritually and physically, maybe emotionally.

Voiceover: Aside from these activities for the whole family and the warmth of brotherly love, what really keeps members coming back to this Church is the authenticity of how God’s words are presented. All worship services and Bible studies are in question and answer format. With the Bible doing all the answering. No opinions or private interpretations from anyone.

Felipe Rios: The words were actually coming from the Bible, not opinions from the minister or they weren’t going off topic. The Bible was giving the answers and the questions were coming from the Bible and the answers were also coming from the Bible.

Camille Max Sansaricq: It always goes back to the word of God and His teachings. And what I’m going through and what I go through everyday is I’m not alone.

Sherry Richard: It was very peaceful, from walking up the church, walking inside and sitting down. This  was actually a true worship and praise and glory to God. To me, that’s what church is supposed to be about.    

Voiceover: Many people have been disappointed by organized religion. I mean who can blame them when so many churches have lost sight of being true to the Bible. And instead, done things based on man-made practices and opinions but perhaps, they’ve never been introduced to the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church Of Christ. Perhaps they’ve never been to a church that has biblical prophecies to back up it’s teachings and elections. Perhaps, they’ve never met the Iglesia Ni Cristo, which does not bend to trends or is pressured to conform to the modern or promiscuous world is promoting. Perhaps they’ve never been introduced to the one true Church that Christ, Himself built. Could this be the one? Ask questions other churches couldn’t answer and see how joining this Church could change your life.

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What Can This Church Offer Your Community?