About the Iglesia Ni Cristo

True Worship
¿Has oído hablar de la Iglesia Ni Cristo?

Tal vez usted ha visto este sello alrededor de la ciudad o incluso en línea? O […]

Have you heard about the Church Of Christ?

Perhaps you’ve seen this seal around town or even online? Or perhaps, you’ve been invited to […]

Searching for A Church
Aprender más sobre la Iglesia De Cristo (Church Of Christ)

Con más de 5400 congregaciones alrededor del mundo, esta Iglesia, mediante la predicación del evangelio, continúa […]

Iglesia Ni Cristo News

INC Review
Melbourne Reunion

Families from the Metro Melbourne local congregations get together for a celebration and reunion since its […]

INC Live Update
Executive Minister Dedicates House of Worship in Mountain View, CA

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo dedicates a new House of Worship in Mountain View, California. Eastern Canada […]

INC Review
God’s Instruments

The members and officers in the Ecclesiastical District of Southwest California started the new year with […]

Let's Sing
INC Live Update
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Executive News
Photo Banner_EVM AWARDS
Executive News
Photo Banner_In retrospect Kaunlaran

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Nine year old Noelani sees wild blackberry bushes growing everywhere in her neighborhood, and every summer […]

INC Giving Show Blogs
The Best of the INCGiving Show 2016

The Best of the INCGiving Show 2016 And here we are: Top Ten INCGiving Show Webisodes […]

Recent Podcasts

Heart And Soul: Friendships, Part II – Bro-Code, Girl-Code, Christian-Code

As if navigating the relationship landscape isn’t already challenging enough, sometimes our friends can be the […]

Heart and Soul
Podcast: Heart And Soul: Friendships – The Ones You Keep & The Ones You Don’t

One of the most challenging relationships to navigate through is friendship. Some are long- term, most […]

Stories of Faith
Stories of Faith: A Fight For His Life (Podcast)

A man regains what he’s lost, by fighting for it. This is Raymond Ang’s Story Of […]


Creative Christian: February + New Weekly

No matter what day, week, or month, trust that God will guide you in all of […]

Creative Christian: Planning Sheets

No matter what day, week, or month, trust that God will guide you in all of […]

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