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Providing Free Dental Care in the Philippines

A dental hygienist volunteered with Philos Health to help bring free dental care to poor communities in Jagna Bohol, Philippines.


Jenica Samiley (dental hygienist): My first name is Jenica. I’m a registered dental hygienist and I practice in D.C. and Maryland. I became interested in the dental field because I got a job as a dental assistant andI wanted to do more by being hands-on with my patients. And the best thing about my job is the improvement that I see in their oral health. I volunteered with an organization called Philos Health. They were established in 2004 and they provide free medical and dental services to the citizens of the Philippines. We provided free dental services, we provided cleft palate surgeries, we provided dental cleanings, profilaxis; we also gave free medicine, free medical advice and I also provided education in the schools and dental sealers for kids to prevent them from having cavities. I felt overjoyed and honored that I was chosen to go to the Philippines, so it was definitely a memorable experience. They felt very happy that we volunteered. They don’t get visited by anyone often and when they saw us, they were very excited to see all the boxes that we had with us and they knew that it felt like a miracle just happened in their city. It’s important to do good to those who need it because that’s one of the ways that we can shine as lights in this world. Everybody has problems but some people go through problems that are heavier than others so when you help them, you give them hope.



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Providing Free Dental Care in the Philippines