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How Can I Make it Through Stressful Times?

What do you do when life stresses you out? When difficult situations happen, there’s one place where you can find strength to get through the tough times. Want to attend a worship service in the Church Of Christ? Email us at to find one near you.


Voiceover: We’re all going through something.

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What causes you stress?

Jacqueline Ramirez: Getting assignments in for work in time.

Karey Collins : Lack of sleep because you work nights.

Asami Inoue: School. So I have many classes, [that are] hard.

Marlene Andrade: Sticking to my schedule, yes.

Gustavo Casillas: I work every day, sometimes weekends and it’s super stressful.

Voiceover: According to the World Health Organization, stress has been classified as the health epidemic of the 21st century. When we’re in the thick of it, it’s not uncommon to try to find something, anything to lift us up.

Josette Ho: To relieve stress, I usually go to the gym.

Michael Russell: Usually I escape by playing a couple video games.

Naeemah Waleed: Try to spend time with family and friends. 

Paul Bartnett: We’re very close to Battersea Park here and I run there quite a lot. 

Jacqueline: I make to do lists. Those helped me out.

Asami: Listening to music.

Gustavo: I grab a book and I’d go take pictures with friends.

Josette: That kind of relief would only last [temporarily]. 

Gustavo: I feel like on bad days it would be happiness for like an hour or two hours. And then the next day I wake up and I’d go back to the same thing.

Voiceover: It’s easy to find things to pick us up. In fact, there’s a whole industry of drinks and  drugs, gyms and self-help quotes on social media offering you an escape for a few minutes. But what if there was something that didn’t just get you to the next day?

Gustavo: I look forward to the worship service. When I would attend like it would give me happiness and I would at least see that there’s…there’s something to look forward to.

Michael: It can be a long week, but I know once a worship service day comes, I know that things are going to be okay by the end of it.

Josette: It will help you more mentally and especially spiritually.

Leslie Jordan: You feel like you’re energized for the whole day. That you can go through this day into the next knowing that you’ve been here.

Voiceover: Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve walked inside a worship building. Maybe you don’t think you’d know what to do inside. There’s a lot of maybes out there, but there’s only one to consider. Maybe worshiping God is exactly what you need right now.

Michael: Nine times out of ten they hit on something that I’m usually dealing with throughout that week as well. And so just hearing those words to let me know that it’s okay, it’s normal for me to go through these problems and that it’s going to work out.

Naeemah: It literally is a release and allows me to prepare myself for the next day. I get like a jolt of energy.

Leslie: The message is there, all you have to do is listen and then you have to apply it. Pray first and then apply it in your life. If life was supposed to be easy, then we’ve already made it. That’s why we need the words of God.

Voiceover: With the worship services of the Church Of Christ happening around the world, there’s one ready for you to attend. And when you do, we’ll be right here waiting for you.

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How Can I Make it Through Stressful Times?