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I Couldn’t Feel God in My Life

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A young woman searches for answers from her friends after suffering trauma at a young age, and struggles with a constant feeling: “Why can’t I feel God?”

I Was Guided by the Truth in the Bible

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When searching for a church what do you look for? Where lies the weight of your decision? Find out how this Bible-based Church became the answer for Marda.

I Found Confidence in My Faith

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Taryn went to many different Christian-professing churches with her parents. But in her adulthood, she found herself still wondering what to believe.

Trusting in God’s Timing

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Life is a series of choices, and for some, God isn’t always their choice. Tawanda chose to make time for God not only for herself but for her son, as well.

I Wanted to Find the One True God

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Mala grew up in a religion that believed in many gods but didn’t entertain her questions. As an adult, she had more questions—and wanted answers.

How I Found God Again

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Nicholas was taught to believe in God at a very young age. But through middle school, he would endure traumatic experiences at the hands of his schoolmates. So he stopped believing in God. He decided that since God hadn’t done anything to help him, then He didn’t exist. Discover how he went from being an atheist to finding the true faith and his love for God.

I Found Truth in the Church Of Christ

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Bruce was confused about his religion, especially when it came to the trinity doctrine. That is until he met someone who believed in the one true God.