Finding Hope in a Hopeless World

A young man struggles to find peace in life. After accepting an invitation from a friend to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) he would learn that God will provide.

God Taught Me to Value Life

Man looking into camera smiling

Hopelessness can trigger some pretty unspeakable thoughts in our minds. But when we turn to God, He can show us the true value of life.

Pray for Strength

woman smiling at camera

Claire was in an abusive relationship and knew how it felt to be hopeless. After joining the Church Of Christ, she finds strength in her prayers to God.

Doing The Right Thing

To find true happiness some people search everywhere except inside religion. A young man accepts an invitation that changes his mind.

Something Was Missing in My Life

woman looking into camera in front a gray background

Searching for a connection to God, Emani had biblical questions no one could seem to answer. In college, an old friend helps her find her way to the truth.

I Was Broken and God Helped Me Heal

Woman smiling into camera

Marisol prayed earnestly to find relief from her heartache. A random stop in front of an INC chapel in San Pablo led her closer to her answers.

I Couldn’t Feel God in My Life

asian woman looking into the camera with a gray backgound

A young woman searches for answers from her friends after suffering trauma at a young age, and struggles with a constant feeling: “Why can’t I feel God?”

I Was Guided by the Truth in the Bible

woman wearing glasses and leopard print shirt, smiling with dark gray background

When searching for a church what do you look for? Where lies the weight of your decision? Find out how this Bible-based Church became the answer for Marda.