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Finding Hope in a Hopeless World

A young man struggles to find peace in life. After accepting an invitation from a friend to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) he would learn that God will provide.


Osmond Sprott: At a young age, I think I was probably around seven, I got exposed to cigarette smoking, drinking…because I grew up without a father. I got kicked out. I had nowhere to go. I didn’t have any place to sleep. So I had to go to a park.


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My name is Osmond Sprott. I’m 31 years of age. I am from the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Which is found in the Caribbean, in the West Indies. I came here to America, January of 2015. And I [currently] live in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“I Drank At An Early Age”

I have six sisters and two brothers. We all are half siblings. At a young age, I think I was probably around seven, I got exposed to cigarette smoking, drinking because I grew up without a father. And the villagers from my village, they all knew my father, most people knew my father there. When they see me, they always tell me that I [reminded] them of my father and [that] he used to be a drinker and all, like that.

At that time, religion was one of the biggest things in our family. Because my mom is a spiritual Baptist. So we were kind of forced. We have to do it, go to church which [was] every Sunday. We would be there for hours and hours. We just didn’t pay any attention anymore. And then after a while, we just stopped going. My understanding was just to have faith and just believe in Jesus. You don’t need a church. And then…once you keep on believing, you will be saved.

“I Left The Seventh Day Adventist”

There was a time when I became an Adventist [Seventh Day]. We followed their teachings for a couple of years. And then after a while, we decided not to do it anymore because they were telling us, we don’t have to drink Pepsi [caffeine]. We don’t have to wear jewelry. And we had to fast from sunset on Friday to sunset on Sunday. So I was like, “I’m not gonna do that anymore.” And I just left.

Growing up, I used to be a little bit [of a] bully. I used to draw a lot and draw tattoos and stuff and then charge the younger kids. So 2016, Fritz Liquigan, he’s a member of the Church Of Christ. We met during biology class in college. He was telling me that he goes to church and he invited me to come to an evangelical mission they had. [I was] kind of nervous at that moment. I was sitting by myself for a little bit. And a lot of people started to introduce themselves to me. I got a little bit more comfortable.

During that time, when I…I broke up with my ex [girlfriend], also, I got kicked out. I had nowhere to go. I didn’t have any place to sleep. I had nowhere to go, so I had to go to a park.

 When problems arise [at] home, I [would] just come here [chapel] to ease my mind and have a Bible study.

“All The Answers Came From The Bible”

My thoughts at that moment was, “Can they be talking about they are the only true religion?” So I was like, “Let me listen and actually put my mind to it and listen to what they have to say to me.”

-What were some of the questions you had during Bible studies?

So, one of them was, “Who is Jesus to us?” Because in [my religion] before, Jesus is God to us. So I was asking that question. 

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But now you seek to kill Me, a Man who has told you the truth which I heard from God…

[John 8:40 New King James Version]

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For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,

[1 Timothy 2:5 New King James Version]

Back home, in the religion that I had before, was their own understanding. So from here [Church Of Christ], it was like, “Oh, everything is coming from the Bible and the answers.” So I was…I was like, “Oh, this is the place for me.” 

God created us to worship Him. He [has] a plan for us. So we all have to fulfill what He wants for us to do, [which] is to worship Him. That peace that I felt there was, that made me decide to become a Bible student. 

“The Church Of Christ Offered Me Hope”

I gained courage because, through the lessons I learned from the Bible studies, from the 28 lessons, we have to pray to God and God will show you what He wants for each one of us. So I think at that moment, I was praying and God led me to Him. And that helped me to be the person I am today.

The Church Of Christ offered me hope, that my salvation is waiting for me. So…I’m praying for that day to arrive so that I could be at rest and at peace.

So the peace that I found in the Church Of Christ, I stopped being so angry. I used to be angry at the world, basically. And I used to take my anger [out on] people, like yell and scream a lot. But now that I’m in the Church Of Christ, the peace that I needed is like, I’m more relaxed. I’m more understanding and [I put] myself out there to listen to other people. And also try to help them…also to be a better person.

My view on it, today is that the world is getting worse. The current situation that’s happening right now is life-changing for each one of us. But if we don’t change our life, it’s going to get even worse and worse every day. So now is the time to change the way that we live and change the way how we see each other. And all should just come together and worship our Almighty God. 

“My Favorite Answered Prayer”

I learned how to pray by just listening to the minister pray. One of the lessons was teaching us how to pray also. I started to pray for everything, like, before I go to work, school, or before eating.

My favorite answered prayer is finding a place that I could sleep. After two years, now I’m living in a house. 

I see my future as a brighter future. I see myself more happier and there [are] more happy days to come. I feel much safer, I feel [more] protected. There’s nothing I can’t do when I have God on my side and also Jesus Christ. 

God is [Almighty]. God is [The] One True God. 

My story of faith is perfect peace.  

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Finding Hope in a Hopeless World