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Stories of Faith – 109th Anniversary Special

A global collection of stories of faith from six individuals who trusted in God during their darkest moments by relying fully on what He could do for them.


Brother Jeff de Guia: In a world where different events impact our lives in various ways, what events awaken your soul?


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Host continued: Hello I’m Brother Jeff DeGuia. This week, we celebrate the 109th anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Church Of Christ. It’s been over a hundred years of challenges and victories and in the midst of it all, are people whose souls were awakened by biblical truth.


In this Stories of Faith TV special, we bring you an inspiring collection of stories of seekers who searched deeply to find the true God, Stories of individuals who, in the middle of despair, also have experienced profound moments of hope. These stories will remind us that even in the darkest of times, the light of God’s words can guide us towards hope and renewal when we believe in, trust in and rely on what God can do for us. 


OC 2: Our first story brings  us to the island of Hawai’i where we meet Kalani—a remarkable individual whose journey through life has been marred by the hardships of a rough upbringing. Born into a world where addiction and homelessness plagued his family, Kalani’s path seemed destined for despair. But despite his struggles, a glimmer of hope emerged—an opportunity that would transform his life in unimaginable ways.


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We Were Always Hiding


Kalani Apilado: My father was a drug dealer. And my mother was a drug user,My father was in and out of jail, which at the time, he was the one that was paying the rent, and most of the bills. We lived either in her van or we would move from park to park until the park rangers would kick us out.


I Wanted To Hear Something Good


I first learned about the Church Of Christ when I was 16 years old. The reason why I started listening more in the Church Of Christ is because of the brethren, like  Brother, William, who reached out to me who brought me to the Church Of Christ. And the lessons that were taught here in the Church Of Christ made a lot of sense. And at the time, the things that I was going through, I wanted to listen to, to the lessons, because I was, I wanted to hear that there was something good out there.


When I first heard the doctrine of the Church Of Christ been the only true Church I didn’t believe what was being said because I grew up as a Baptist, which, again, they they preached to me from what I understood that anyone could go to heaven as long as they just believed in God and Jesus Christ. But knowing more about why the Church Of Christ believes that this is the true Church and having evidence from the Bible, verses from the Bible related to you definitely makes you would make anyone a believer.


The Church Of Christ Changed Me for the Better


The Iglesia Ni Cristo changed my life because it surrounded me with people that had the best interest for me. I think everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of something. And there’s always someone backing them up. And I feel great knowing that God has my back.


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Brother Jeff de Guia:  Our next story takes us across the pond where we meet  Kisha—a resilient soul who, from a young age, yearned for the warmth and stability of a loving family. Growing up in a broken home, with divorced parents, Kisha longed for a sense of belonging and a sanctuary where she could find solace and understanding. Raised in a Catholic household, she found herself grappling with complex doctrines and rituals that often left her feeling disconnected from any spiritual beliefs. But in the midst of her search for clarity and peace, an invitation to attend the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s worship services would change her life forever.


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Emotional Damage


Kisha Guinto: My parents, when I was a child, they both moved to two different countries when they separated. I think they are aware of the emotional damage it caused for the both of us, me and my sister. It was shameful to even want to get to know us because of that. 


My mom petitioned us to go here to the UK for a better future and a better life. I think it was the best decision for us, well, because I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that, I don’t think

An Observant Child


There was this one time where I remember attending the Catholic service. I looked at my parents and, well, they were asleep. There were a lot of people actually asleep in that service. I did question myself as a kid, well, “Why are they not paying attention?” Honestly, it felt like people were there just to be there. 

I was quite an observant child. I would look around and observe people and how they were acting around, and the presence inside the space, it feels different.  

No Commitment In Catholicism

After that honestly odd perplexing realization I had as a child, I was curious [about] what other religions had to offer. I was baptized in Catholicism but, because there is no commitment in Catholicism, you can go to other religions and actually listen and sit down. I did try. I was looking for something like, “Maybe I’ll feel something when I’m here, maybe I’ll feel something when I’m there.” I didn’t feel anything.

Looking For A Compass


I did always question, why people said these certain negative things about the Church [Of Christ]. Why is everyone so opposed to it, so strongly? What are they actually teaching? And I did get curious, and, at that point in my life I was honestly looking for a something as a compass for where I wanted to go, where I should be going, what path should I be on.

 I was skeptical at the very first worship service that I had because it was so, “That can’t be true!” “That’s too timely.” I mean, I’ve been to other religions, but not like that.

Surrendering to God


The Church [Of Christ] alone, and the worship services, and just God alone honestly, that offered me a compass in my life that I don’t think is replaceable. Whereas, in terms of family that I’ve always been looking for? No, I do love my family. But, seeing the brethren and how they are in the Church [Of Christ], that is what family is like, how they treat you. And that’s honestly rare because I think a lot of cultures and traditions do value blood and they won’t treat you as one if you aren’t. But the fact that it’s so easy for the brethren to do that, they’re the most caring, most attentive people I have ever met. And they’re very gentle even the least judgemental as well.


I used to overthink a lot. I used to be anxious about the future. But ever since joining the Church [Of Christ] and developing and settling in the faith, you learn how to surrender to God, and God’s plan for you.

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Brother Jeff de Guia: If we truly believe in what God can do for us there is no reason for us to feel anxious whatever the situation of life may be because God’s promise and mercy will be manifest in us. God made it clear to us in Psalm chapter 46 verses 2 through 3 and 1.


So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken and mountains fall into the ocean depths; 3 even if the seas roar and rage, and the hills are shaken by the violence. God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

Psalm 46:2-3 and 1 Good News Translation


Host continued: Let Us Continue to Believe In God’s Promise. Our next story introduces us to Maricar—a courageous individual whose journey through life has been marred by unspeakable trauma and heartache. As a child, she endured unimaginable abuse, leaving her with a deep sense of loneliness and a shattered faith. In the midst of her suffering, she began to question the presence of God in her life—feeling as if He had abandoned her when she needed Him the most. As Maricar grew into adulthood, she carried the weight of her past, struggling to trust or rely on anyone. But in her darkest moments, a glimmer of hope appeared. 

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I Couldn’t Feel God in My Life

Maricar Crisostomo: I started getting sexually molested and that went on for four years and I didn’t know how to cope with that as a nine-year-old. And by the age of ten, I was suicidal and every single day I was just ten years old in the 5th grade thinking about ending my own life.

I Didn’t Feel God Here

I was definitely the hardcore Catholic. But it was more so for the social aspect. I know in my mind that going to church, it’s the good thing to do because that’s what good people do. And when I got into college, I, right away, started looking for a catholic community and I connected with some friends from high school and they brought me to the catholic clubs on campus.but something that constantly was just in the back of my mind, right when I sat down for mass was I do not feel God here. 


I Was Searching

There were two people that came into my life within just a couple of weeks. One of them I ran into in a taco shop in San Diego! When she invited me to the Church, it was truly the perfect timing.

My first impression of the Church Of Christ is, I liked how [the worship service] was structured. I loved how the Church Of Christ really [focuses] on “Please pray beforehand.” There was a focus on God. There was nothing else, it was really just prayer, the teachings, singing, and worshiping God, but there wasn’t a focus on someone’s own interpretation of the Bible.

Chasing Happiness

What I realized reflecting back now that I’m part of the Church Of Christ is that I truly was just looking for something that’s already in the Church. Because all that happiness that I was chasing, all of the fulfillment that I wanted in my life. I feel it every single time I sit down in the pews at worship service. 

Now, every time I pray I always think, “God if it’s in Your will, if it’s in your timing, and if that’s really what You want for me, no matter what even though I really want this, I want whatever You want for me. No matter what, even though I really want this, I want whatever You want for me.”

God is definitely my hope, my rock, the one that I know I can always lean on.


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Brother Jeff de Guia: Our next story is about a young man who, like many others, found himself lost in the depths of despair and searching for direction. Meet Felix, whose life was once clouded by darkness, battling with depression and caught in the destructive grip of addiction. With no clear path ahead, he wandered aimlessly, seeking solace in vices that only pushed him further away from the peace he longed for.


But there was a different plan for Felix. It was during his lowest moments that he received an unexpected invitation—one that would ultimately change the course of his life. 


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Searching for God


Felix Somoza: I was always trying to prove to my parents that I can make it to college, and that’s when I started smoking weed for the first time. And then, I don’t know, I just want that feeling to get high. Every day it would be the same smoke weed, go to work, and hang out with friends. And I told myself, “Is this going to be the same every single day of my life?”

Lost and Lonely


I would start crying and I would just look up like, “Why can’t I sleep?” And then in 2020, I would always drive with no destination. I drove to Big Sur around December, you know, I like seeing the view, you know, of the bridge. I [drove] through it twice in a row. And then on the third night, that’s when I had the–that’s when I had the suicide thoughts of jumping off the bridge, and then I think it was the morning after New Year, I made that commitment that I’m gonna stop doing all these drugs and turn to God. Yeah, that was a big–that was a huge thing that I went through and because smoking weed, it makes you paranoid. It makes you have anxiety.

An Invitation


A mutual friend of mine. [I’ve known] him since middle school, but his cousin [is] a member of the Church [Of Christ]. And then I followed her on social media. And then during that time in 2020, that’s when I had insomnia. She posted on [@incmedianews] about insomnia, how instead of having these issues of going to sleep, just cast it to God. And I told her, “Hey, I like this message.” And a week later she sent me an invitation and then I accepted it.

Why Was I Lied to?


One lesson that was hard for me to accept was one verse in the Bible, “Go to the world and preach the gospel and be baptized, and you will be saved.” At the end of that lesson, I told the minister I was baptized when I was a little baby, and then I felt like I was deceived and knowing that my first baptism didn’t count… Yeah, it really hurt. And I prayed that night too, filled with tears. And just asked God, you know, “Why? Why was I lied to?” I felt deceived.


That’s why all of my prayers were just filled with tears. And then I think it was a worship service about baptism. When I heard ‘baptism’, I knew it was about immersion through water. And then how you’re forgiven of all since the day you were born.

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After finishing all of his Bible study lessons, Felix received the holy baptism on July 31, 2021.

I’m Never Alone


Your plans may not go the way you want but God will make your plans for you because like before, without having Him in my life, like I said, “I was very lost but now that I have Him in my life–I don’t know how to explain it. He’s the best, you know. Now that I’m alive, I know where I’m going and I’m not lost [anymore]. So I just want to be more stronger, more happy.

If I never received an invitation from the person that invited me, I feel like my life would have been the same. Smoking every day, going out with friends, sleeping in my room. That’s how my life was back then. But now that I have the Church Of Christ, I know where I’m going and I’m never alone.


God is amazing. God is my Father. God is someone you can tell [Him] anything about. You can pray to Him. You can tell Him any situation [you’re going through]. God is the Almighty God. God is love. God is the best to have in your life.

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Brother Jeff de Guia: Indeed how blessed is the one who put their complete trust to the Lord because just what the Bible stated in Psalm chapter 34 verses 12 and 8 through 9.


Do you want a long, good life? … Oh, put God to the test and see how kind he is! See for yourself the way his mercies shower down on all who trust in him. If you belong to the Lord, reverence him; for everyone who does this has everything he needs.

Psalm 34:12 and 8-9 The Living Bible


We need to Trust in our Lord God.  Now we’d like you to meet Todd Brown—a  man whose path to discovering the truth was paved with curiosity and a quest for solid evidence. Introduced to the Iglesia Ni Cristo as a young boy through his brother,  Todd’s journey began with a seed of curiosity. Witnessing his brother’s commitment to the Iglesia Ni Cristo, he couldn’t help but question why it resonated so deeply with his brother. Later as an adult,  it was through his  rigorous examination of the teachings that Todd began to unravel a profound realization—that the biblical truth he had been seeking had been in front of him all along.


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Todd Brown: I came across some documentary on some lessons on Jesus Christ. So that was the first time I kind of viewed religion in a different perspective. So to see Jesus in a sense of, like a historical text, not someone who’s biased or trying to sell me on their faith or religion, was interesting. So that made me kind of dig into it and did more research. Made me curious that I wanted to take Bible lessons again. I felt it was a good way for me now to ask more educated questions. 


And then especially when the lesson is about different prophecies that happened throughout mankind. I’m like, “Oh, I researched that.” I literally witnessed the growth and some of those prophecies being fulfilled. And to witness that as an outsider, it was… awakening.

Growth of the Church 

I remember we were just holding worship service[s] in one of the brethren’s basement. “Why is everyone else thriving and they’re just worshiping in someone’s basement?” And then over the years, it grew, and they got their own place of worship. The Church itself spread to different locals throughout the country, across the world. People from different cultures, religious backgrounds, different stories. And then now, people turn away from [their] church. Certain churches are accepting teachings they didn’t accept before. But then this Church is consistent. It’s consistent in its belief. It’s consistent in its teachings. And it’s consistent in its growth. 

Everything was in the Bible


Part of me couldn’t believe it was real. It was, “Okay, I have all these questions, I did my own research and now I’m going to trip you up in the Bible studies.” And none of that happened. All my questions got answered from the Bible.


Seeking Substance


Sometimes you look at religion as a restrictive, conforming way to live our lives, whereas most of us want to be free and feel like we have control and power over what makes us happy. What the Church Of Christ offered that was missing in my life was a true sense of…truth

Valuing Our Membership


I would encourage people to give the Church Of Christ a chance and listen as your salvation depends on it. It doesn’t cost you anything. If you give something a chance, either you gain from it, or your life remains unchanged. So if there’s a gain to be had, why wouldn’t you pursue it? 


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Todd was baptized in the Church Of Christ on October 31, 2014.

In this journey, there’s a lot of ups and downs, but I take comfort in knowing that my faith is strong and that God always fulfills on His promises. I feel humbled in that sense because I know I don’t deserve it. And looking at my life ahead, having God’s promise, and having God’s guidance, it feels almost like a superpower–almost like I’m cheating, like I have a cheat code. But I’m humbled to have it and I’m grateful that I do. So that makes me very optimistic of the future–trials, and triumph.


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Brother Jeff de Guia: In our last story we meet Sandy Eaddy—a relentless seeker of truth who embarked on a journey through various churches in search of the one true faith. One fateful day, Sandy’s life took an unexpected turn. Little did she know that this would become a turning point in her spiritual journey.


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Finding the Church


Sandy E’addy: One day, my husband and I [were] riding our bicycles, and a U.S. government car was coming the wrong way. It hit my bike. I went up in the air, and I came down on the hood of the car and rolled in the street.  I was taken to Long Beach Hospital, and they did x-rays and everything, and they said there was nothing broken.

They told me that I [could] pick two doctors. I looked up and down and there (were) about 6 to 8 doctors or so, and I picked Dr. Alfredo Daos and Dr. Lito Ramos. When I went to see them, I think I saw some God’s Message [magazines] in the office. I [told] them about [how] I went to every church there was, and I could not find the truth. They [told] me about the Church Of Christ, so I was very curious and wanted to know about the Church Of Christ. 

Being in the Church Of Christ, being in the true Church Of Christ is just…that’s what I’m most thankful for, and may I take that with me to my grave. I could never thank Him enough for [me] being in the true Church Of Christ. God is awesome. God is my all in all.




I know that Jesus said, “…upon this rock, I will build my Church.” He didn’t say churches, so I know it was one Church, and then when they read the prophecy from the Holy Bible, straight [from] there, then I knew that the Church Of Christ is the true Church without any kind of doubt. And the truth is the only thing that is going to set us free. 

Searching for the Truth


I wasn’t going to stop searching. I wasn’t going to stop praying. I wasn’t going to stop believing. I wasn’t going to stop having the faith that God will show me, and He did. And nobody can take it away from me. They can take a lot of things from me in my life, but they cannot take the truth from me. 

Regardless of what came in my life, the different trials, the different tribulations, the illnesses, everything, He has truly blessed me and my family.


Teaching from the Bible


The thoughts that I had, [are] the same thoughts I will always have—that the Church Of Christ is the true Church.

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Sandy E’Addy

Joined the Church Of Christ in 1979

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Brother Jeff de Guia: Today, we have witnessed the remarkable stories of Kalani, Kisha, Felix, Maricar, Todd, and Sandy—individuals who, despite life’s greatest challenges, found solace, strength, and unwavering faith within the Iglesia Ni Cristo.


The successes that the Church Of Christ continues to harvest, is a living proof that the promise made by God to His last messenger and to this church is true. God will never lie to us. As we celebrate the 109th anniversary of the Church Of Christ,  the Church Administration emphasizes to us that which we need to do. Continue to believe, to trust, and to rely on what God can do for Us for us to reach the promised salvation. Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 7.


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[Most] blessed is the man who believes in, trusts in, and relies on the Lord, and whose hope and confidence the Lord is.

Jeremiah 17:7 Amplified Bible


If you find yourself still searching for that true peace and relating to the stories we’ve heard today we invite you to contact us. Ask your questions. Watch more Bible-based programs on or on streaming platforms. And see for yourself why becoming part of God’s nation is where God wants you to be.


Thank you for joining us today. From all of us here at INCMedia Studios…Happy 109th Anniversary to all members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, around the world!! To God be the glory!



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