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Having a Honeymoon Baby

A newlywed couple happily pose outside with their newborn baby.

Many married couples plan to have a baby at some point but how can newlyweds deal with having a honeymoon baby or becoming pregnant soon after marriage.

Happy Life Season 2 Launching Soon

A microphone, headphones and a sign that says podcast are laid out on a table with the graphic of the Happy Life podcast logo.

Tips for newlyweds to get through challenges faced in the first years of marriage. Bible-based advice provides guidance and inspiration to help overcome.

Benefits of Putting God First in Marriage

A newly married couple happily pose outside with their arms around each other

All of us want our marriages to be happy, fulfilled, and blessed. Christine and Marc, newlyweds from Australia, share how putting God first has benefitted their lives and their marriage.

Frontline Essential Workers and Marriage

A newly married nurse and soldier with their dog on his lap hold hands on their couch.

Life during the COVID-19 pandemic is full of adjustments and worry. Now, imagine being frontline essential workers and being newlyweds as well. We hear from Lou and Ray from Grand Rapids, Michigan, about how they handle all the stress and worries they face related to their jobs, so they can keep their marriage strong and happy.

Newlywed Life During COVID

A newly married couple working from home during the pandemic. Their laptops are visible on the desk along with a face mask and hand sanitizer.

Sean and Vanessa, newlyweds from Victoria, Canada, share what it was like being newlyweds while also facing lockdown and having to quarantine during the COVID-19 global pandemic. We discuss things like daily routine changes to cabin fever, and how having faith can help give you hope.

Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

A bride-to-be with both hands on her wedding planner at a table. Her engagement ring is visible and a KN95 mask and pen are on the table beside the planner.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to do so during a global pandemic. Newlyweds, Kara and Alvin, recall their challenging journey to their wedding day, and share how they were finally able to become husband and wife.

Communication in Marriage: Being Present

A newly married couple hugging on the beach, but both viewing their smartphones.

How can modern technology and social media affect the way we communicate with our spouse? Let’s listen to how Janelle and Vic do their best stay emotionally, mentally, and spiritually connected together in this age of the smartphone.

Communication in Marriage: Disagreements

A newly married couple having coffee together at a table, and trying to resolve a disagreement

Martin and Erica have been married since 2019. As newlyweds they have experienced some disagreements, which is normal for all married couples. They openly share some of their experiences, and we hear some sound advice on how to resolve disagreements between husband and wife.

Communication in Marriage: Decision Making

A newly married couple looking at a laptop and making a decision together.

Newlyweds make lots of decisions together during the first months and years of marriage. We’ll hear what the process was like for Patrick and Zandrhea, our newlyweds from Calgary, Canada, and also learn what helped them in their decision making along the way.