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Happy Life Season 2 Launching Soon

Tips for newlyweds to get through challenges faced in the first years of marriage. Bible-based advice provides guidance and inspiration to help overcome.




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Myrtle Alegado: Being newlyweds, it’s a time filled with excitement and anticipation. After all, you’re not exactly sure what to expect in this new adventure of yours, right?

[Soundbites from episodes]

Thirdy Magsino: You’re so overwhelmed by emotions, knowing that you’re about to have a kid.

Bianca Magsino: We’re first time parents, we haven’t experienced this before.

Alyssa Agana: Once we became homeowners, all I could think about was the mortgage. And with being married, it’s not just my money. I’m sharing that money with my spouse.

Chris Agana: God has definitely blessed us with amazing opportunities and has helped us financially.

Darryl San Pedro: We always find some kind of solution or compromise.

Jasmine San Pedro: Having a shared interest, it helps you work on yourself and your relationship at the same time.

Myrtle Alegado: I’m Myrtle Alegado, host of the Happy Life podcast produced by INC Media Audio. Please come along for the journey in season 2, as we continue talking to newly married couples about their challenges and struggles, and find out just how they overcame them. 

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