How Can I Make it Through Stressful Times?

Woman sitting at a desk in front of her laptop with her hands on her head while holding eyeglasses and people handing her a cell phone and clipboard.

What do you do when life stresses you out? When difficult situations happen, there’s one place where you can find strength to get through the tough times.

Want to attend a worship service in the Church Of Christ? Email us at to find one near you.

Getting My Bible Questions Answered

bible opened to the book of Isaiah

  Fred Reed: For a long time of my life, I had lots of questions. Sol Velasquez: So I kept looking through all the churches, all the religions and still my questions were not answered. And sooner or later I just left because I was disappointed. Voiceover: This might sound familiar to you. In fact, […]

Getting to Know the Church Of Christ

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Who is the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)? What are their beliefs? Learn why people all over the world have chosen this Church to connect with God.

What Will I Learn from Free Bible Courses?

A person holding a Bible in one hand and the other hand is scanning over the text in the Bible.

When you enroll in a free Bible course with the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), you’ll receive answers to your Biblical questions like, what is the importance of the Bible? Who is the true God? Is there really one true religion?

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