Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in the Trinity

The Trinity symbol painted on a wall with a crack through it.

Are you still considered a Christian if you reject the Trinity doctrine? Do you believe that the Trinity is a false doctrine? Well, you’re not alone. Hear from individuals who were misled about the Trinity and what they did about it. Do you have biblical questions you want to be answered? Let’s set up a time for you to speak with a minister of the gospel and see what answers the Bible has for you.

What You Need to Live Your Best Life

Silhouette of a man with his arms stretched out

Do you constantly chase things that don’t bring you happiness? See how these individuals from the Church Of Christ discovered their true purpose in life.

Important Steps to Make It to Heaven

A man reaching up to cloudy skies, with sunlight seeping through the clouds

If you’ve been told that faith alone is enough for salvation, you may want to think again. Here are the steps to follow to make it to heaven.

What’s the One True Church and Are You in It?

repeating image of a woman in a middle of a church

Does it matter what church you belong to? The Bible talks about belonging to the one true Church, but which one is it?

If you’re ready to get your biblical questions answered, set up a time to speak with a minister in the Church Of Christ.