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Is There a Church Prophesied in the Bible?

Do you consider prophecy when searching for a church? See how these individuals discovered the prophecies referring to the true Church.


Is There a Church Prophesied in the Bible?


Todd Brown, Bellmore, New York: I came across some documentaries, some lessons on Jesus Christ. So to see Jesus in a sense of like a historic text, not someone who’s biased or trying to sell me on their faith as a religion was interesting. So that made me kind of dig into it and did more research. I felt it was a good way for me now to ask more educated questions.


Voiceover: At this point in your search you’ve probably heard that we believe the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ is the true Church prophesied in the Bible. You may have even heard us mention why we believe this and why it’s important to you.


Todd: And then to get all of those answers directly from the Bible, not just in a religious sense, but in a sense of history, was eye-opening, and then especially when the lessons about different prophecies that happened throughout mankind, I’m like, “Oh, I researched that.” I know this happened and this prophecy was fulfilled because of this event or this event.


Voiceover: If you’re, like Todd and you need evidence to believe something new, then learning the Biblical prophecies written in the Bible is a good next step for you.


Jonathan Nguyen, Joined the INC in 2012: All the Bible study lessons started to make sense, everything just came together and it was about all the prophecies of World War I and World War II. And not just the— about the start of the war, different diseases or famine. The instruments of war. The time period in between World War I and World War II. It just blew my mind.


Devon Smith, Joined the INC in 2008: It said the heavens were quiet for about a half an hour. The math on that problem was impeccable. I did it at home, with the whole formula. Once I got the formula, I did my own Algebra. And just coming up with it, listening to this and following the teachings that were done for that lesson, that was amazing to me.


Todd: And then especially when the lessons about different prophecies happened throughout mankind. I’m like, “Oh I researched that.” I literally witnessed the growth and some of those prophecies being fulfilled.And to witness that as an outsider, it was awakening.


Voiceover: Bible studies in the Church Of Christ include a series of lessons that study the prophecies about the Church Of Christ. You’ll learn the prophecies about the first century Church and what happened to it. You’ll study the Biblical prophecies about the reemergence of the true Church and how the prophecies pinpoint the exact date and time it will happen.You’ll understand how Biblical prophecies explain recent events in the world. Most importantly, you’ll understand what the true Church is and why it’s essential for you to be in it.


Jonathan: [The Bible] prophesied about things that would happen. And I just kept going and I wanted more. I was thirsting for it. Everytime, like I would just hang around afterwards, I would ask a minister questions and he would answer it from the Bible. But it just felt good to be taught truth.


Sandy Eaddy, Joined the INC in 1979: When they opened up the Bible and [were] teaching and preaching everything from the Bible and not making up their own words. That was my light.


Devon: The truth finally clicked in my eyes, one of the main ones was the history. The Church history, and how it coincided with world history. You know, I’m just imagining this in my head, how everything went down, back in 1914, right at the spark of World War I, like that really happened. And I’m like, “Hold on! You’re telling me the Church came back right at the spark the prophecy had these last days?”


Ron Espanto, Joined the INC in 1993: We cannot dispute that. We cannot say, ‘Oh, it was just a coincidence.’ It can’t be. Everything, the prophecies in the Bible, everything that is written pinpoints to the Church Of Christ in these last days. I’m not saying that because somebody said that to me. But because I, myself, went to the Bible studies, asked those questions, and then saw the answers firsthand from the Bible.


Voiceover: And if you’re thinking, well, how do I know this is the Church that those prophecies are talking about? The answer is simple, really. It’s in the Bible.


Sandy: I know that Jesus said, “…upon this rock, I will build my Church.” He didn’t say churches, so I know it was one church. And then when he read the prophecy from the Holy Bible straight [from] there, then I knew that the Church Of Christ is the true Church without any kind of doubt. And the truth is, the only thing that’s going to set us free.


Voiceover: So if you’re ready to gain a deeper understanding of biblical prophecies and how the life you wish to have, set up a time to meet with a minister of the gospel in the Church Of Christ, we have so much to share with you.


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Is There a Church Prophesied in the Bible?