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What You Need to Live Your Best Life

Do you constantly chase things that don't bring you happiness? See how these individuals from the Church Of Christ discovered their true purpose in life.


What You Need to Live Your Best Life

Voiceover: When you think about your future, what does it look like? Is it heading off to do a job you love, the freedom to travel and see the world, having more than enough to pay your bills and live your  #bestlifeever? But sometimes what we want is far from the reality that we live in.

Todd Brown (Bellmore, New York): So as young people, I think that’s just part of the process. I was just trying to figure out my way in the world. And I was working two jobs and going to school, and I just felt like my life really had no purpose other than to work and study.

Voiceover: Does this sound familiar?

Emani Thornton (Virginia Beach, Virginia): Growing up, I just kind of felt like I was going with the motions. Nothing really had any true meaning to it.

Tianna Tillman (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma): I wanted to get my dream job. Being told that I would either have to take a break from school or I wouldn’t be able to go to school again. It really, really affected me. I kind of started to feel as though I had no purpose.

Voiceover: When you find yourself in this situation, you may be tempted to spend all day on social media trying to learn the secret to living your truth, manifesting your dreams and living a meaningful life.

But here’s the thing. Those posts will never tell you it will never be enough.

Todd: One of the things I noticed was as I started to accomplish certain things, I got a taste for, I guess the lifestyle I thought I desired.

I realized it wasn’t as meaningful before I had it, right? The thought of having something was more intriguing than when you actually receive it.

Voiceover: So you start to wonder what if there was something deeper, one that guarantees a future that is both bright and hopeful and not based on ideas of what purpose might look like, but on something that comes with an unbreakable guarantee. You wonder, does that really exist?

Emani (Joined the INC in 2017): It wasn’t until I found the Church of Christ, where I felt like my life has a direction and a purpose. The purpose of my life is to— is to serve God and make Him happy.

Tianna: I just wanted to be alone. I was really depressed, I didn’t, I didn’t have a purpose. I just was kind of floating around without any direction. So when I was introduced to the Church Of Christ and the doctrine and the faith of the brethren, and it all came to me at such an important time.

Todd (Joined the INC in 2014): What the Church Of Christ offered that was missing in my life was a true sense of truth. Up to that point in my life, there was what I assumed would be true or what I would follow because of how it made me feel. But it wasn’t true gratification. It wasn’t a true sense of purpose.

Voiceover: Life won’t always be easy, but when you have true purpose, the kind that comes with God’s promise, you can walk around with certainty that the life you lived today will really be one that will mean something tomorrow.

Todd: So my biggest fear is missing out on God’s promise, you know, in this journey. There’s a lot of ups and downs but I take comfort in knowing that my faith is strong and that God has always fulfilled his promises.

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What You Need to Live Your Best Life