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Is It Time to Leave Your Church?

Does your church leave you lost, confused or questioning your faith? Meet individuals who left their religion and gave the Church Of Christ a chance.


Tawanda Cochrane (Lemoore, California):  In the Church Of Christ, you actually feel the presence of God.

Peter Kaisara:  I knew it because I felt peace in my heart. I felt that God actually showed me the true church.

Todd Brown (Bellmore, New York): And looking at my life ahead, having God’s promise and God’s guidance, I’m humbled to have it and I’m glad that I do.

Voiceover: When was the last time you walked out of your church feeling this way? Or lately, does it feel like you walk out  more lost, confused, and wondering if you should even keep attending?

Tawanda (Former Baptist): When I was in the Baptist Church, I’m just waiting for the next person to go, “Hallelujah!” Then that’s like a distraction.

Marda Debnam: I didn’t know that I wasn’t worshiping properly. When I went to different services, whether it was Jehovah’s Witness, Methodist, other Baptist churches, it just didn’t feel right.

Todd: When I went through that period, I felt I didn’t need a church. It was because of my experience and interaction with churches. It wasn’t  necessarily a rebelliousness or I was trying to turn away from God. It was just that, a lot of religions didn’t really practice what they preach or there would be hypocrisies in their way of living.

Voiceover:  Maybe up to now you’ve ignored these feelings and perhaps you’ve attended the same type of church all your life. So you wouldn’t even know where else to go. All you do know is, you don’t want to give up on God.

You’re not alone. There is a way to serve God, the way the Bible wants you to. 

Peter (Brisbane, Australia): So when I started studying the Bible in the Church Of Christ, it really shocked my system. And I said to myself, I was doing all these things the wrong way, worshiping God, praying to God.

Marda (Joined the INC in 1983): You realize the way you’re supposed to serve God and the way you’re supposed to follow, then you have that assurance of salvation, assuming that you follow all those commandments.

Todd: This Church is consistent—consistent in its belief, it’s consistent in its teachings.

Tawanda (Joined the INC in 2018): At the Bible study lesson, the true Church, I listened to that and I was like, I need to be part of the true Church. 

Voiceover: So what about you? If you’re looking for a church that offers more than just  “hallelujahs” on Sundays or a church that doesn’t just fill a tradition you’ve always followed, or perhaps a church that isn’t just trying to entertain you but will actually guide you to your salvation.

Todd: The reason I would encourage people to give the Church Of Christ a chance and listen, is two-part: 

  1. Your salvation depends on it and 
  2. It doesn’t cost you anything

If you give something a chance, either you gain from it, or your life remains unchanged. So if there’s a gain to be had, why wouldn’t you pursue it?

Voiceover: If you’ve been looking for the church that serves God exactly the way the bible says you should, maybe it’s time to give the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) a chance.  Join us for a worship service this week and discover if this is the church you’ve been looking for.

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Is It Time to Leave Your Church?