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Overcoming the Most Difficult Test of Faith

While caring for her ailing mother with breast cancer, a nursing student prepares for her board exam and overcomes her most difficult test of faith.


Overcoming the Most Difficult Test of Faith

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Sister Jean Jimeno: I was then an instructor at the Philippine Women’s College along Taft Avenue. At the same time, I was also teaching at the New Era College in the Engineering Department. During that time, my  mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that time, I had no idea how to deal with that kind of situation. The doctors told my mother that she has five years left to live. It was a difficult situation for me; I was working and at the same time, I was worried about my mother’s situation.  

I spoke to our school principal. “I cannot proceed,” I said. “I have to give up my career.” They asked me, “You already have a good future with us. Why?” I answered, “I want to take care of my mom.”

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Forged Through Trials

Sister Jean Jimeno: My mother was diligent in her Church duties and a firm believer. In her family, she was the first to join the Church Of Christ. She then succeeded in bringing in her whole family.  She taught me how to earn a living. She also taught me how to prioritize my Church duties on worship days. We always hold our family devotional prayers. She always encouraged me to be obedient to God’s commands. 

When I returned to Davao, she underwent surgery. We didn’t know how to take care of our mother. My mother requested that I become a nurse and have a bright future. So, I pursued my studies in Nursing. I think I was already 29 years old when I started. 

After being diagnosed [with cancer], my mother complained about a pain in her leg [femur side]. The doctor decided to do some tests. That was when we found out that she had bone metastasis. Nothing could be done about it. As a nursing student, I was shocked. I couldn’t take it. I was crying. I asked myself, “How could this be? How could I tell my mother?” It was a difficult situation. But despite everything, I held on to God’s promises. If one has a problem, approach God through prayer. God promised His chosen ones that He will never forsake them. I held on to that promise.

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On August 8, 2020, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, led the worship service and rededication to God of the newly renovated worship building in Davao City through videostreaming from Quezon City, Philippines.


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Davao City, Philippines

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: According to Apostle Peter, these trials come to us to test our faith. We should not treat the tests that we encounter in this life as a misfortune. We should face tests positively. The Bible taught us that when life gets really difficult, we should not jump to the conclusion that God isn’t on the job. For the Bible says, “It is a spiritual refining process.” 

Thus, when tests come to us, that is when we should think of: We are being purified. What is required? That we pass. Why is it important to pass? For us to attain the promised glory, the promised inheritance come Judgment Day—the Holy City, the everlasting life which is unlike the kind of life here on earth. Brethren, it won’t be much longer. What’s happening in the world tells us that the end of the world is near. We are very close to attaining the promised salvation.

We need to endure just a little more. So, let us keep holding onto our membership in the Church Of Christ. Let us remain steadfast in our faith. Let us now allow tests to ruin our faith. Rather, let us strive to pass the tests that come to our life for us to be worthy of the inheritance when Judgment Day comes.

Sister Jean Jimeno: My mother asked me, “What’s the result?”  

“Here,” I said.  

“Kindly read it to me.” 

So I did. I was crying when I told her what the doctor told me: “You have six months to live.”  I saw how my mother suffered. How she deteriorated from being able to stand to being bedridden. It reached a point when she could only move her head.

I told my mother, “I want to stop with my studies. I just want to take care of you.”

She replied, “No. Go ahead, pursue your studies; that’s your future.” She continued, “I already prayed for you. I have entrusted you to God. You will have a good future.” Constantly praying is the source of my strength. 

I often cried. There were times when I wouldn’t even notice that my tears were falling. My mother constantly reminded us to never forsake our membership in the Church Of Christ. “No matter what happens, even if you are far from each other, always go to the house of worship. Pray constantly and obey the Church Administration.”


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Davao City, Philippines

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: The apostles, God, and Christ teach us the same thing: When there are trials, we should never let go of our membership in the Church Of Christ. We should never leave our Church duty. We should never forsake the worship service. We should never turn our backs on our divine election. According to Christ, what should we be? “Be of good cheer.” What we need to do, brethren, is we should not be weak in faith when we are going through trials. Because we need to remember: God is not the only One who is ready to help us. 

Who else will help us? Our Lord Jesus Christ. Having either one of Them helping us is already sufficient. But here, God and Christ are prepared to help us. How then can we not overcome the trials? So, we should all the more cherish our membership in the Church Of Christ. Holding firmly to our divine election will not be wasted because, when we overcome all of these trials, we will surely receive not only the promise of God and of Christ for this life but, above all, salvation come Judgment Day.

So, let us love the service we render to the Lord God. Let us be devoted to our worshiping Him. Let us not allow the worship service to pass without us experiencing God’s power, because it will strengthen us so that, whatever trials we experience in life, we will overcome them and reach the end.

Sister Jean Jimeno: I was my mother’s bedside nurse. In the morning, I would wash and dress her. Every morning, she would measure her hands. She would say, “I’m losing weight. I think this is it.” I would ask her, “What do you mean?” “I mean, maybe it’s time for God to lay me to rest. You seem ready.”

Of course, I cried. I told her, “Mom, I am about to take my board exam. How could I prepare if you are like this?” “Don’t worry. Just continue with your Church duties. Go home and prepare for the worship service.” I was to perform as a choir member the next day. I told her, “What if, when I return, you’re already gone?” “No. We have God. Don’t worry. Worship God. Perform your duties to Him. He will not forsake us.” That’s what I did. I performed my Church duties, I continued with my prayers. 

My board exam was scheduled on October 31 until November 4. My mother died on October 5, on my father’s birthday. It was a difficult test of faith. My mother was a deaconess when she died. I was sad about my mother’s passing. But on the other hand, I am glad because she died as a member of the Church Of Christ. She inspired me to be like her; to strive to finish the race that God has set before me. 


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Davao City, Philippines

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: Brethren, let us not allow that we do not hold on to our faith. Thus, in every moment of our lives, we should make sure that we truly have the faith. What is required of us? We should be found living the kind of life that God wants to see in us. Brethren, What kind of living is that? Living in holiness, in obedience to God’s teachings and commands. 

We should be firm in our conviction and faith. That’s why we never neglect the things that would fortify our faith: Attending worship services, performing our duties to the Lord God, and following His will. As Church Of Christ members, we should uphold our membership until the end. Even if there are trials and problems or whatever we are facing, we will not let go of our divine election. We will take our election with us until our death and hold tightly to our membership in the Church Of Christ until the end. We should not let trials defeat us. When we go through trials, we should not weaken or lose hope. 

Sis. Jean Jimeno: I didn’t know how I would take my board exam and how I would answer the tests? I was unable to review properly. So, I relied on praying to God. I said, “God, if this is Your will for me to become a nurse, guide me to give the right answers.” I sincerely asked God to give me a high score, for me to pass and fulfill my mother’s dream for me. With the help of my prayers, even though I wasn’t able to review properly due to my mother’s illness, God blessed me and helped me pass among those with the highest honors; I was the top 21 of the board exam passers. 

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Miami, USA

Sis. Jean Jimeno: Through the trials, I become more steadfast and firm in my faith. Looking back at the trials I went through, it becomes clearer to me that God is true to His promise. Every test that I overcame is proof that God loves me.  I always experience God’s help. I may face some trials, but God’s help is always there. 

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Davao City, Philippines

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: Whatever we encounter, the Bible says that God’s true servants will confidently expect Him. He will bless us and we can expect or hope for it. What’s our current theme? “Put All Your Hope In The Grace That Will Be Yours.” The grace that will be ours is not for this life only but also, and above all, for the life to come—the promised salvation.

When we pray to God, the Bible says, He will answer us. This is not simply a statement. This was the experience of God’s early servants. The same is being experienced by many of God’s servants today. When we pray to God, He will answer us. God will save us from everything that makes us afraid. 

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Overcoming the Most Difficult Test of Faith