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Finding Reassurance in the Worship Service

As many people in the world lose hope due to COVID19, Church Of Christ members are reassured by the Bible through the live streaming worship service.


Finding Reassurance in the Worship Service

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Members of the Church Of Christ from around the world continue to worship God in their homes, despite the ongoing pandemic

On May 24, 2020, thousands of members were led in a worship service to God by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ through video streaming. 

The worship service was joined by members from Latin America, the United States, and Canada.

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Sis. Claire Herrera

Blue Ridge, Texas

Claire Herrera: It’s always such a blessing and a wonderful experience to always attend the worship service. 

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Bro. Erwin Prado

Antioch, California

Erwin Prado: The live video streaming worship service led by our Executive Minister was just what myself and my family needed, not only to weather the pandemic that’s been happening all over the world, but to help also alleviate the stresses that we’ve been feeling.

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This worship service was translated live into three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese

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Sis. Edelweiss Gascon

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Edelweiss Gascon: I learned that no matter how many problems and tribulations we may face in this life, we shouldn’t be nervous. God will always be with us. He will be our strength and we must always remain firm in our faith. 

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Bro. Billy Fermin

Montclair, California

Billy Fermin: Right now we are being hit with this great calamity and when it hits, the normal reaction is to think, “Oh my gosh, what do I do?” Our Almighty God is going to bless us. He’s not going to leave us by ourselves.

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 Sis. Jacqueline Villar

Tijuana, Mexico

Jacqueline Villar: Thank you very much for always cheering us and we love you very much and thank you for everything. 

Billy Fermin: I’m truly thankful to the Church Administration. The messages that we receive can give us hope that everything will be okay. But most importantly, it really assures us to hold on, hold on to our faith and hold on to our membership inside the Church.

Edelweiss Gascon: I want to thank Brother Eduardo V. Manalo for always reminding us the words of God and that God continue to bless him always.  

Jacqueline Villar: I’m sure that happen what may, there is nothing to be afraid of because that happens is God’ will and if Judgement Day comes this year, I will not be afraid because I know that I’m a member of the true Church Of Christ. 

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Finding Reassurance in the Worship Service