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Neighborhood Community Cleanup at North Union

If you want to make a positive impact, it might be by doing something as easy as stepping outside with a broom and trash bags. INC Giving Volunteers in Los Angeles decided to put together a neighborhood community cleanup at North Union Avenue.


Neighborhood Community Cleanup at North Union


Kristine: Hello, everyone! It’s Sister Kristine here and I am going to bring you along with me for INC Giving today.


Kristine: We are here in the local congregation of Los Angeles and today we have our…

INC Giving! And we are going to be doing a neighborhood community cleanup. So come along with me as we do our INC Giving.


Kristine: L.A. is an amazing city! From the iconic Hollywood sign to the beautiful beaches, there is no shortage of things to see or do here.


Kristine: But if you’ve ever spent any amount of time in L.A., you’ve probably noticed that one of the biggest problems facing the city is the amount of trash on the streets. It’s a problem that’s hard to miss.


Kristine: From litter scattered along sidewalks to overflowing garbage bins on busy corners.


Kristine: When I found out about the community cleanup, I couldn’t wait to jump in— literally clean the streets!


Kristine: As I set out to clean up the community, I wasn’t alone. There’s a dedicated community of volunteers from the INC Giving Project working tirelessly to make a positive impact.


Kristine: I also wanted to highlight the valuable partnerships we have with our local police department. They’ve not only provided us with essential safety tips, but have also supported initiatives like today’s community cleanup!


Kristine: It’s partnerships like these that make our neighborhoods safer and more enjoyable for everyone. And that’s why we also have police appreciation days!


Kristine: Supporting our community is crucial. Today’s INC Giving is being led by youth members here in L.A. 


Kristine: Now let’s get ready to go and make a difference. Time to grab our gear and spread some positivity!


Kristine: We are now going on to the streets where we’re going to be doing our community cleanup!


Kristine: As you can see, all the brethren here are doing a community cleanup here at North Union in Los Angeles.


Kristine: Everyone has their broom, their dustpan, and they’re cleaning up the neighborhood here surrounding our Los Angeles chapel.


Kristine: Even though cleaning up can be tough, it doesn’t really feel like work when we’re all in it together. We’re all about that teamwork, supporting each other and our community. It turns the whole cleanup thing into a really fun time.


Kristine: We not only help clean our surrounding area, but we’re able to show our neighbors and friends the values that we, INC Giving volunteers, uphold. We get to share our faith while doing this small act of kindness.


Kristine: All right, I’m back with Sister Aryanne. I’m always doing my vlog with Sister Aryanne. Sister Aryanne, how is the INC Giving today?


Aryanne: It was good. We were able to get a lot of trash.


Kristine: Yeah. We were.


Kristine: There’s everybody behind me. Everyone’s walking. We just finished our INC Giving and now we’re heading back to the L.A. chapel.


Kristine: Good job!


Kristine: Good job! Good job!


Kristine: Good job, team! Good job, team!


Kristine: Another day, another week, another INC Giving. I thank you again

so much for coming along with me. I hope you guys enjoyed coming along with me for INC Giving today.

Kristine: And don’t forget, whenever you possibly can do good to those who need it. Bye bye!


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Neighborhood Community Cleanup at North Union