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Keeping Playgrounds Clean and Safe

6 year old Chloe Esguerra, along with other volunteers, in the City of Glendale Heights join in cleaning their community playground to keep it safe.



Leslie Esguerra (correspondent): As we unite with Church Of Christ members all over the world in this Weekend of Giving, we are here, partnered with the Glendale Heights park district to clean up local parks. 

Chuck Dymbrowski (parks lead foreman): Just to see the amount of people there and the wide range of ages…

Voiceover: Six-year-old Chloe, like any child, loves going to the park. But this time, she went, not only to play, but to help maintain it as an INC Giving volunteer.

Chloe Esguerra (youth volunteer): I helped spread the wood chips at the park.

Interviewer: Did you have fun doing it?

Chloe: Oh yes!

Chuck: The playgrounds were low in mulch and this is playground surfacing. It’s actually an impact absorber, so if a child falls from one of the pieces of playground equipment, this mulch actually absorbs the shock and lessens the injury. So, both these playgrounds were a little low and it worked out perfect. I had the perfect group and the perfect church volunteers to do it. It all worked out. So now, our parks are all safe.

Voiceover: It’s a partnership that INC Giving volunteers in Bloomingdale have grown familiar with over the last six years. One that even the city’s mayor has continuously recognized.

Linda Jackson (Glendale Heights mayor): It’s amazing, you have so many people willing to volunteer and help. The more people that work together, the more things you can accomplish. It’s great that the younger generation is taking part in volunteerism because a lot of that has gone away through the years, and when they’re raised to help and make things better for the community, then you become a different adult. That follows with them the rest of their lives.

VO: A lesson of doing that Chloe will take with her as an INC Giving volunteer, helping the neighborhood here in Glendale Heights or anywhere she’ll go as a member of the Church Of Christ. From Glendale Heights, Illinois, this is Leslie Esguerra for the INC Giving Weekend of Service.

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Keeping Playgrounds Clean and Safe