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Who is Isaiah 46:11 About?

A broad horizon at sunset with a bird soaring; text reads "Who is the bird of prey in Isaiah 46:11?"

What does the verse Isaiah 46:11 mean, and who is it referring to? Why is the bird of prey Felix Y. Manalo and not Cyrus? You asked, the Bible answers.

Who Will Tell Us Who God’s Messenger Is?

person holding an open book with two candles in front

Throughout history, God sends messengers. There’s no doubt that those written in the Bible like our Lord Jesus Christ, Moses, down to the apostles are all genuine messengers of our Lord God. But in our time, there’s no doubt that there are many who claim that they are messengers of our Almighty God. Who will tell us who God’s messenger really is, especially during our time?

El Origen de la Iglesia Católica

Aerial image of the Vatican in Rome, Italy on a sunny day.

La diferencia entre la Iglesia edificada por Cristo y la Iglesia del diablo. Los dos caracteristicas más que nos ayudarán confirmar la identidad de la iglesia plantada por el diablo.

(English Translation) The difference between the Church built by Christ and the Church of the devil. Two more characteristics that all the more confirm the identity of the Church planted by the devil.

El Mensajero Llamado Por Dios En Estos Últimos Días

Picture of Felix Y.Manalo, the Messenger of God in these last days, preaching at a pulpit, the words of God

Mensajeros han sido enviados a predicar las palabras de Dios. Según la Biblia, los mensajeros son nombrados. ¿Dios llamar o nombrar a alguien en nuestro tiempo?

(English Translation) Messengers have been sent to preach the words of God. According to the Bible, messengers are appointed. Did God call or appoint someone in our time?