For He Is A Chosen Vessel

Brother Felix Y. Manalo, and God's Message podcast episode title "For he is a chosen vessel"

Profiling individuals for certain roles is practiced in fields like government, business and sports. However, for the task of preaching the gospel, those who are sent by God are not determined by the standards of society.

Conflict of Beliefs

Photo art of two men

What happens in a family when one changes religions? Felix and Robert share lessons on how to stay connected with family while being true to themselves.

INC Holds Baptisms in California

Left - Football player standing in uniform with players and crowd behind him. Right side - Man kneeling in water with a minister of the gospel with hands on his head.

Devastated by injury in achieving his NFL dream, one California resident finds his greatest achievement when receiving the true baptism; residents receive aid in Manitoba, Canada, inaugural worship service in Kadikoy, Turkey, musical evangelical mission inspires in Singapore, Cafe or Clear Answers, Faith Explained event in Australia East and Hong Kong residents are assisted through Care For Humanity event.

INC Kicks Off Series of Events for its 50th in Europe

Left side - group of people cheering while playing table tennis. Center - exterior shot of the Battersea house of worship of the Church Of Christ during the day time. Right- Brother Joel San Pedro, minister of the gospel and one of the primary helpers of the Church Of Christ preaching in worship service.

Watch the events unfold in the United Kingdom that enlightens and inspire residents leading up to the 50 years celebration of the Church Of Christ in Europe; a California resident finds peace in singing praises to God during a gathering of choir members in Montclair.

Watch Out For Greed

Man contemplating about greed for money, power, and material possessions

What are the different kinds of greed? How can you tell if you have become greedy? And why is being content better than being greedy? Tune in now and find out! Visit Pasugo: God’s Message Magazine to read more articles on how God’s words can guide your life.

Is Sex Before Marriage a Sin?

Silhouette of a man and woman; text reads "Is premarital sex a sin?"

What does the Bible say about sex before marriage? Is it considered adultery and fornication? Is being sexually active before marriage really a sin in today’s world?

INC Extends Care to Struggling Families Across Latin America

On the left, the Mexican flag flies over buildings; on the right, a man reaches out to hand a goodwill bag to another man.

The INC extends help to families in Latin America experiencing poverty through a series of ‘Care for Humanity’ events; a former Hindu is inspired to learn more about the true doctrines of the INC after attending a ‘Care for Humanity’ event in Calgary.

Evangelical Mission in Hawaii Brings People Closer to God’s Words

On the left, a woman smiles; on the right, a minister holds on a Bible from the pulpit.

An Evangelical Mission inspires listeners to action after a study of the words of God in Ewa Beach, Hawaii; the latest events in the INC: ‘Care For Humanity’ in Malaysia, Children’s Worship Service General Assembly in Manitoba, CFO Curling Activity in Edmonton, Unity Games in South Korea, Clothing Donation in Southeastern Africa.