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6 Reasons To Listen To Heart & Soul

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Last weekend, I saw something I haven’t seen in a long time. I was going for a run in downtown Toronto. I decided to run on University Avenue and made my way to Union Station, Toronto’s main transport hub. As I made my way to the train station, I passed by different restaurants and cafes and noticed people lined up hoping to get a table. Restaurants with no patios. And most of the people lined up were in Blue Jays jerseys. I realized it was the first game of my city’s baseball team since the start of the pandemic. 

At first glance, it almost seems like the pandemic has completely ended. As if we’ve reached the end of a bad chapter, and now, everything is back to “normal.” People are out on a Saturday afternoon, dining in restaurants, voluntarily gathering in large crowds, in a public place. It felt hopeful, like everyone is ready to move on. 

As we prepared for the new season of Heart and Soul, we found that this was also an underlying theme. Many were ready, even excited, to move on to a new stage in their life. Whether they were at the beginning or at the end of a relationship, they wanted to move forward. 

This season you’ll hear from Christians from different parts of the world sharing struggles that they’re going through at the moment, as well as their dreams and hopes for the future. And of course, in every episode, we hear from a minister of the gospel, as he gives us advice and guidance from the Bible. Here’s a quick rundown on our episodes this season: 

Dear Future Husband, Future Wife 

This episode was inspired by a social media post on Instagram @incmedianews where we asked our listeners to share messages for their future spouse. In this episode, we share some of these memorable sound bites. We also hear from a minister of the gospel in the Church Of Christ, Brother Donald Pinnock. He tells the story of how he met his wife over 30 years ago, and gives advice to those who are hoping to meet their future significant other.

Say Something Nice

This is another episode that was inspired by one of our social media posts. We talk about the value of receiving and giving compliments, to those you love and care about, and even to those familiar faces that complete your day.

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What Does Self-Reflection Mean?

Once again, our team tapped into our social media community for this episode. This time, we asked them to reflect on the types of struggles that they’ve gone through, and what they’ve learned about themselves and their faith during that process. Brother Donald Pinnock, a minister of the gospel in the Church Of Christ, comes back for this episode and shares Bible verses on how to stay resilient through our struggles. 

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How To Prepare For A Successful Marriage

If you find yourself thinking about tying the knot with your special someone, or are ready to plan your big day, this episode is for you. Brother Felmar Serreno, a minister of the gospel in the Church Of Christ, who also co-hosts the Happy Life podcast, shares important guidance from the Bible about how one can have a successful and happy marriage

Always Trust God (Especially After A Breakup) 

Getting married wasn’t the only life-changing decision that we heard about. We also heard from those who went through a breakup during the pandemic, and this episode focuses on one of those stories. Listen to this episode to find out why you should trust in God after a breakup. 

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Is God Leading You Into A Relationship?

This episode focuses on the beginning stages of a would-be relationship. It’s that time when you’re wondering: Are things moving too fast, or is the relationship progressing naturally? Or are things feeling a little forced? If you’re at that stage and you’re wondering if God is leading you into a relationship or is making you aware of red flags, listen to this episode. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add this season’s episodes to your podcast list. Once you listen, tell us which advice resonated with you and is helping you move on to the next step in your relationship. Connect with us on Instagram, @heartandsoulconversations. We want to hear all about it! 


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