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Thousands Are Baptized During Grand Baptism

After seeking the truth found in the Bible, thousands receive the holy baptism in a worship service led by the Executive Minister in the Philippine Arena.


On September, 7 2019, members of the Church Of Christ, and Doctrinal Instructees gathered together to attend a special worship service to God. A Grand Baptism.

Joseph Parker: I was so happy when I saw the thousands and thousands of people for the first time in my life. 

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Brother Joseph Parker

Newly Baptized Member of the Church Of Christ

Joseph Parker: To see myself among people that belong to the true Church Of Christ. It’s so amazing, words are inadequate to express. 

A majority of those who gathered inside the Philippine Arena were people who were ready to receive the holy baptism and become fully-fledged members of the Church Of Christ.

One does not simply become a member of the Church Of Christ. First, they must fully understand and believe in the teachings of God upheld inside the Church Of Christ and choose to live by them.

Only then can one be baptized and become a member of the Church Of Christ. The Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo reminded the brethren that becoming a member of the Church Of Christ was not a wrong decision, but instead only through the Church Of Christ can one receive God’s blessings and most importantly salvation

Andrew Jaliebah: That was amazing preaching with what happened today. 

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Brother Andrew Jaliebah

Newly Baptized Member of the Church Of Christ

Andrew Jailiebah: I was assistant pastor in my former church–I have never seen what I’ve seen in this church. When it comes to preaching the Gospel from directly from the Bible.

Joseph Parker: The first thing that attracted me to join the Church of Christ is the uniqueness of the Church, most especially when I heard about the prophecy, I was convinced. I used to read it, I used to preach it, but I didn’t know until I got to understand from the Church Of Christ that indeed is the true Church.

Almost half of the 55-thousand-seater Arena was occupied by baptismal candidates. Among whom were former pastors and people from other religions wanting to seek the truth and give glory to God.

Omaru Quawe: To see a baptism that is worldwide with many different races is so great.

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Brother Omaru Quawe

Newly Baptized Member Of the Church Of Christ

Omaru Quawe: I was so happy. Being a former pastor, I’m so thankful to the Almighty God because I became a Christian, in the true Church.

Andrew Jaliebah: I’m a brand man in the sight of God and I believe that what I used to do before, I won’t go back to it. I thank God for this Church and I pray, “Until death do me part, I will never leave this Church.”

September 7, 2019, also marks the 10th anniversary of Brother Eduardo V Manalo’s blessed leadership as the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ.

Andrew Jaliebah: Greetings to our Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, I want to say thank you for the work that you are doing. I love him because he is a man of heart, he is a caring person. I pray that you can continue to work to save lives for the day of judgment. Thank you very much, God bless you.


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Thousands Are Baptized During Grand Baptism