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Special Worship Service Held in Florida Commemorating 109th Anniversary

A special worship service —led by one of the primary helpers of the Church Administration— inspires members in Florida as the Church Of Christ continues celebrations of the 109th Anniversary.


Special Worship Service Held in Florida Commemorating 109th Anniversary




Brother Tyler Worthen: Serving as a world-renown tourist destination, Orlando, Florida is also home to one of the largest congregations of the Church Of Christ in the ecclesiastical district of Florida. And it was here that a special worship service was led by one of the primary helpers of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo as part of the ongoing celebration of the 109th anniversary of the Church Of Christ. Michael Robinson with more.


Jennie And Michael Guerrero (Church Officers, Orlando, Florida): Everybody in the family was ready, clothes ready. Get here early on time.


Cheryl Taino (Deaconess, Pensacola, Florida): It’s very inspirational. It still brings tears to my eyes, thinking about it. It was strengthening. Very heartfelt.


Richelle Claytor (Resident, Orlando, Florida): Having visitations like this is so impactful. It strengthens faith to the point where I’m ready to face the world again.


Michael Robinson: These are just some of the reactions of residents throughout Florida who witnessed a special occasion that would impact their lives and their faith.  For Richelle, a resident and practicing lawyer in Florida who faces numerous daily stresses and challenges, the special gathering she attended today renewed her strength once more.


Richelle Claytor (Church Officer, Orlando, Florida): We all go through our own hardships, our own difficulties, but for me, I feel more strength when I feel my fellow brethren also needing that comfort, when we feel the whole sanctuary filled with the Holy Spirit.


Michael Robinson: Held at the house of worship in Orlando, Florida, members from all across the central Florida region united to participate in a special worship service led by one of the primary helpers of the Church Administration,  Brother Eraño Codera.


Through the preaching, members received timely reminders geared towards the youth members, like Richelle, reminding them of the proper responsibilities of upholding a life with Christian values as youth members in the Church Of Christ.


Richelle Claytor (Church Officer, Orlando, Florida): During visitations such as this, we’re reminded that our culture is how we live. As us being Christians is us gathering here to worship together. It’s not outside, outside in the world. It’s here in this place.


Michael Robinson: Even for parents like the Guerreros, this timely visit served as added strength for their family in upholding the true faith.


Jennie And Michael Guerrero (Church Officers, Orlando, Florida): Having a minister being sent by the Executive Minister here to reinforce that really does reinforce our faith for not just ourselves as adults and parents. It’s the rock that keeps our family strong throughout anything that can happen in this world, and ultimately the direction of what they should do in this world is to ultimately gain salvation.


Michael Robinson: Even those new to the Church Of Christ like Merialys, this experience served as a blessed moment in their lives.


Merialys Borges (Newly Baptized Member, Kissimmee, Florida): As a convert, I think this is such an honor and such an important thing that I needed to experience. I only got baptized a month ago and I’ve already experienced this beautiful blessing that our Lord God has given us. And it’s something very eye opening and very spiritually motivating to experience and have this in my life.


Steven Mcdonough (Candidate For Baptism, Pensacola, Florida): It gave a message that everyone needed to hear actually. It also lets people know that God will not forsake us, even though we’re going through trials. God will always be there for us.


Michael Robinson: These timely reminders were also conveyed to other regions in the district as local congregations connected from across the district.


Francis Harvey (Scan President, Jacksonville, Florida): It shows how much our Executive Minister cares about us. And for all of us over here, we are so blessed to have such a leader wherever he is all over the world. It’s a great honor and a blessing beyond compare.


Mala Hatman (Choir Member, Jacksonville, Florida): It was very powerful and spiritual. The message that gave us, gave me relief. Like the weight was taken off my shoulders.


Cheryl Taino (Deaconess, Pensacola, Florida): A great deal. I mean, you turn on the news, there are more problems. Everything looks hopeless. But we know that as part of the [Church Of Christ], God will always take good care of us.


Michael Robinson: The special gathering was also conducted in part of the celebration of the Church Of Christ in the Far West.


Brother Esteban Inocencio (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Virginia): As we celebrate the 109th anniversary of the Church in these last days and also the 55th anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ, here in the Far West, we are truly grateful to the Almighty God for His constant guidance and His protection upon the Church in its entirety.


Michael Robinson: Adding to the milestone commemorations, the special gathering was also held in part of the upcoming anniversary of the pioneering local congregation in the district of Florida.


Brother Ruel Salazar (Resident Minister, Jacksonville, Florida): We are so thankful for God continues to bless not only our locale congregation but the entirety of the district with successes and victories, not only in terms of brethren being edified in their faith, but more people are joining the Church Of Christ.


Brother Marlone Balason (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Florida): In this message that was delivered tonight by the one entrusted by our Executive Minister, it was a much needed reminder. And we pray that every single family will take that to heart and teach that to their children so that, like the desire of our Executive Minister, no one will be left behind. Every single family from the parents down to the children will stay strong in their faith, ready for salvation.


Michael Robinson: As an extended help of the Church Administration in sharing the gospel with members from around the world, it is through pastoral visitations like this that members are reminded and inspired of the love and concern of the Church Administration, providing hope and strength in upholding and carrying on in their membership inside the Church Of Christ.


Jennie And Michael Guerrero (Church Officers, Orlando, Florida): Le quiero dar las gracias a mi hermano. Gracias por mandar tiempo a su gente. Y por todo el amor que nos das. Muchas gracias. Te queremos mucho. Te queremos mucho.


I want to say thank you, [Brother Eduardo Manalo]. And for all the love you give us. Thank you very much. We love you very much. We love you very much.


Michael Robinson: If you want to learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit, and subscribe to our YouTube channel at INCMedia.Official. Michael Robinson, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.




Brother Tyler Worthen: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Saturday for new episodes of INC News World on, our YouTube channel, and on streaming platforms. I’m Brother Tyler Worthen, thank you for joining us. Stay safe, and we’ll see you next time. God bless.


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Special Worship Service Held in Florida Commemorating 109th Anniversary