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Restoring a Community Library in Micronesia

Volunteers came together to help in restoring a community library in Pohnpei, Micronesia. Books were sorted and the library was renovated and restored.


Lois Paula Riturban (host): Hello everyone and welcome to INC Giving: Giving in Action. I’m Lois Paula Riturban coming to you from our Los Angeles studios. Now, our story of the day, the Ohwa Village School Library in Pohnpei, Micronesia is now open thanks to volunteers of the INC Giving Project. Let’s take a look.

Interviewee #1 (INC Giving volunteer): Today, we were here to adopt a library. It’s to help this village, or the students of this school.

VO: Over the last three months, volunteers of all ages, families and even other community members offered their time sorting through books, painting and repairing shelves to renovate and restore this school library.

Interviewee #2 (INC Giving volunteer): I decided for me and my daughter to come here to help the community.

Interviewee #3: I thank you—well, we are so fortunate, and it is an opportunity to have such groups come in and help. And I can see the t-shirts say “giving” and it is all about giving.

Interviewee #4: I really appreciate what you guys are up to and we hope that you guys can come back and help this school because they’re really struggling.

VO: After the community effort, an opening ceremony and ribbon cutting was held…

Interviewee #3: On behalf of Ohwa International Christian Academy, we’d like to thank the Church Of Christ.

VO: …with a library tour, children’s story time, musical entertainment, arts and crafts, games and socializing with the Ohwa Village families.

Lois Paula: Now, what a beautiful project that was. Here to tell us more about it is Minister of the Gospel, Brother Scott Augustin from the Local Congregation of Pohnpei. Hi, Brother Scott!

Brother Scott Augustin (Minister of the Gospel): Hello, Sister Lois. Well, everytime we went there to actually fix the library, to put it in order, they were always excited. You can see it in their eyes—you already see a reaction—but you can see in their eyes that your actions speak louder than what they say but that’s their love to the teaching of God, to be united and also as brothers and sisters in the faith, to stay united with the Church Administration.

Lois Paula: Absolutely. But it didn’t just end there. The next day, Ohwa School staff, together with some of their high school students, gathered at their school cafeteria to welcome back the INC Giving volunteers. Let’s take a look again.

VO: They offered a certificate of thanks, showing their appreciation to the Church Of Christ through a simple, yet very heartfelt program. By adopting a library, these volunteers improved more than just the placement of books on a shelf, but a symbol of hope and growth for the future of Ohwa Village.

Brother Scott: The reaction of the people there, they were just so—in every speech that they made, in every statement that they made, they couldn’t come up with any words to say. They were also surprised because from all the religions—because there’s a lot of religions here in Pohnpei—they are amazed that, although we here in the Iglesia Ni Cristo are humble in number, we’re able to reach out and really help them out there. And we were also able to be of share to the people who live in that village, Ohwa. Actually, there’s a lot more kids out there who are excited to see this activity being done. So that’s why this coming Sunday, God willing, we’ll be able to have another INC Giving activity, Reading for a Cause.

Lois Paula: Great, Brother Scott. And we’re so inspired by all that the brethren there are doing. We wish you good luck in your upcoming activity and we look forward to hearing more about it. Thank you so much for joining us, Brother Scott from Pohnpei, Micronesia.

Brother Scott: Thank you for having me.

Lois Paula: Now before we end, we’ll give a shout out to our social media Giving in Action Spotlight. It goes to @glidzy for posting her random act of kindness recently. She said,

[on-screen GFX]

… Giving the gift of blood is an easy way to help others in need and is relatively painless.

… I started donating in 2011 and I tried to donate as often as I can.

… I have a total of 14 donations with Bloodsource as of my last visit or donation.



Lois Paula: Now, that’s it for this edition of INC Giving: Giving in Action. Keep connected with us on social media, tell us how you’re giving in action in your community. You can also email us or visit to see more of the stories and activities featured today. Remember, whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. I’m Lois Paula Riturban, thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time.


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Restoring a Community Library in Micronesia