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Live Stream Worship Service Brings Hope

Through the live-stream worship service, members were reminded to be more prayerful, especially during difficult times, and to always rely on what God can do for His people. See how members of the Church Of Christ in places most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic find inspiration through the preaching of Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.


Live Stream Worship Services Brings Hope

[On Screen text graphic: On April 26, 2020, the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, once again led the Church Of Christ members in a worship service through videoconferencing. 

Brethren from around the world took part in this worship service from their respective households.

Many of those in attendance were from places in the USA that were severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.]

Sister Nicole Mayao: Since I am a healthcare worker, I firsthand see how many deaths happen. The total death toll now here in the United States is over 50,000 and I believe more than half of that is here in New York alone. It’s natural and normal for us to feel saddened by everything that is happening around us, but our Executive Minister, he thought of us and he knew, he knew how much we were struggling and he knew that we needed to feel the love of our Almighty God and that is exactly what we all feel here today. 

Brother Mark Sanchez: The Church Administration has been very supportive with our government in fighting against the spread of Covid-19, so we are temporarily conducting our worship services in our home through the means of our internet using video conference applications.

Brother John Peralta: Nowadays, you know, there’s always bad news around the corner. In the middle of the week, at the end of the week, we listen to the words of God which give us new hope, which reassures us all the more to brave this world longer and to endure in our faith. 

Sister Gabrielle Vu: I was very fortunate tonight that I was able to hear the words of God coming from the Bible, taught by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. Tonight we were reminded that we should be all the more prayerful that even when we face difficult times, even when these trials are so big, we don’t rely on ourselves, yet we put our full trust in our Almighty God and what he can do for us. I have nothing to fear when God is on my side.

Sister Nicole: What I learned from the Bible-based lesson preached by our Executive Minister⁠—if God is with you, he will help you in times of need.

Sister Khaeyo Villaruel: No matter what happens, I will always remain inside the Church Of Christ and I will always remain holding my duties. 

Brother Alwin Guingab: To our beloved Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, I’d like to say, thank you for the lesson we received today and for your continuous love and your guidance to us during these times.

Sister Gabrielle: Thank you so much for being the frontline of our faith. We love you very much and you’re constantly in our prayers. 

Brother David Garcia: I just want to say that we love you so much from New York. We appreciate what you are doing for us and we love your efforts and sacrifices you’ve done for us despite these trying times. You have always shown us your care, you always pray for us. Through good or bad times, you’re always there for us, Brother Eduardo Manalo, and we love you so much. 

[Show closing]


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Live Stream Worship Service Brings Hope