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Help Someone by Making Blankets For Children

INC Giving volunteers in Los Angeles, California found an opportunity to help children cope with traumatic events through Make a Blanket Day at College of the Canyons. There are so many ways we can make a difference in someone’s life–just like what Kristine and her fellow INC Giving volunteers did.


Help Someone by Making Blankets For Children in the Hospital


Kristine: Hello everyone. It’s Kristine here and I’m going to bring you guys along with me once more on an INC Giving project today. So today we are going to be making blankets for children in the hospital. So come along with me as we go for our INC Giving project. Let’s go! 


Kristine: Hello everyone. So we just got to the College of the Canyons, which is where we’re holding our INC Giving project. And I think I see some awesome INC Giving volunteers!


Kristine: Look who I see! Hi, Sister Bree! Are you excited for today? And it’s Sister Aryanne. Hey, Sister Aryanne! And then look! Sister Aryanne, tell me, what do you have? 


Aryanne: Fleece.


Kristine: Fleece–what are we making today? 


Aryanne: We’re making blankets.


Kristine:It’s kind of a gloomy day. It’s not raining that much anymore. But look at us with our little, little blankets.


Kristine: Hi guys. We just got at the ‘Make a Blanket’. So we have fleece and now we’re inside. You can look behind you. 


Kristine: That’s pretty cool.


Kristine: Thank you so much!


Event staff: Of course!


Kristine: Thank you!


Sharon Garvar: Today we’re doing ‘Make a Blanket Day’. So we’re making blankets for  critically ill and traumatized kids in our [Santa Clarita] valley, Antelope Valley, and Sylmar [Valley]. And we’re just making and collecting blankets to really give these kids something to kind of just wrap up in when they’re having a hard time like trauma.

Kristine: And how long have you been doing this project? 


Sharon Garvar: We’ve been doing this, well–this chapter’s been out since February 2013.


Kristine: Okay.


Sharon Garvar: So I started a couple years before that, and my son got a blanket in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). And, he was wrapped up in a blanket–when he was  born he had pneumonia and it’s like a life-threatening situation. He’s actually over there now. 


Kristine: Oh really?


Sharon Garvar: He’s in junior high getting ready to head into high school. And he’s part of the project as well as my daughter, as my husband. It’s a family affair.


Kristine: And, you know, how does it feel that, like us, if you have students and all the people that are not from, like, AOC (Academy of the Canyons) or COC (College of the Canyons) and how does it feel to have organizations like our organization?


Sharon Garvar: So inspiring, it’s so inspiring when people come together and work toward various common causes.


Kristine: Okay, so I just cut this part off.


Kristine: Hi, guys. We’re here at ‘Make a Blanket’. This is our INC Giving project. Look at everyone behind me. It is super cool. We…I think this is the third blanket that we’re working on. We’ve already made one, two, three, four…we have four blankets here, and then we have two more. The team is working on two more blankets.


Kristine: And it’s really cool. It’s really cool to be able to be a part of this activity today. It’s such a great feeling to know that this is going to be able to make a difference in somebody’s lives. We’ll go to Sister Rhianne’s. Sister Rhianne is doing the little seem ripping. Wow! Look at her go. 


Kristine: After the last two, we’re pretty much done with all the blankets that we made today.


Kristine: High five! High five! High five! One, two, three–smile!

Kristine: And that concludes our INC Giving project. Thanks for coming along with me and see you guys soon! Goodbye!


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Help Someone by Making Blankets For Children