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Daughter of a Filipino OFW Learns a Lesson About Coping

A daughter of an Overseas Filipino Worker, longing for her family to be together, receives a lesson from the Executive Minister that will remain carved into her heart.


Kaithe Fadreguilan: Not every situation has to be understood by an individual. But in these times when it is hardest to give thanks, I closed my eyes and prayed. That for once, I will not ask for anything, but to thank God for keeping my family together.

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Kaithe Fadreguilan

Meycauayan, Bulacan

Kaithe Fadreguilan: Hi, I would like to share my story after listening to the lesson of the Executive Minister. I’m Sister Kaithe Fadreguilan from the Local Congregation of Meycauayan, Bulacan.

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Kaithe Fadreguilan: I had moved from Vietnam after nine years, back to the Philippines in order to study in university.

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Kaithe Fadreguilan: Returning back to the Philippines was one of the hardest things I had to do, because my family of three would be separated from each other. My mom and I would head home and my dad would have to stay abroad. Throughout my studies, at most times, I wished that our family was together. But my everyday routine of studying would often take these worries away. I always let it settle in the back of my mind. It was only this summer that I realize the sadness of not having my family together all the time returned. Every time I performed my duty as a choir member, my prayers were filled with the request that one day my family would be complete again.

Kaithe Fadreguilan: I felt regret and pain that I may be the reason to why my family was not complete. Because I chose to study in the Philippines instead of staying in Vietnam. During the Thanksgiving, it was when the sadness got worse. But in these times, even when it’s the hardest to give thanks, I closed my eyes and prayed. That for once, I would not ask for anything, but to thank God for keeping my family together and giving us everything we’ve always asked even when we’re not together. During the lesson, one of the most important lessons was carved into my heart. It was the statement of the Executive Minister that not every situation has to be understood by an individual, instead we must trust God. Whatever sadness I felt, I should not force myself to understand it but I should trust God.

Kaithe Fadreguilan: Every trial one will go through they may never understand by the individual at the moment, but God has a reason. 

Kaithe Fadreguilan: And my prayers changed. They changed from, “Please help me understand what I’m going through,” to, “Please give me the faith and strength that I need to go through this trial.” And when my prayers changed, my perspective in life changed. It pushed me to do better and everything that I was doing and to constantly perform my duty with zeal and fervor. I realized the particular sadness was just part of the journey and it’s just part of all of the trials that I would go through in life.  Because even during this trial and after, I will constantly rejoice; it’s just right to rejoice in God.

Kaithe Fadreguilan: And to Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, thank you for always providing God’s words which is the food of our souls and gives us the strength to live day by day through our problems and troubles. Your love and great intention to bring every member of the Church Of Christ closer to God is felt in every worship service and every live streaming of your visitations throughout the world. May God bless you and further you in your duty. We thank you greatly for your unwavering love for the Church Of Christ. We love you po.


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Daughter of a Filipino OFW Learns a Lesson About Coping