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Connect With a Community Organization

There are many ways to help those in need. And through research and effort, those opportunities can be found. Join Kristine to see how INC Giving volunteers made a connection with a local community organization through a hygiene supply donation drop off in Los Angeles.


Kristine: Hello, everyone! It’s Kristine here. Have you ever wondered how to establish a relationship with a community organization so that you could do an INC Giving Project with them or for them? Maybe it’s just with your group of INC Giving volunteers, or just your friends and family. 

Kristine: I wanted to learn more about this organization, ‘Family Promise’ here in Santa Clarita, California. So come along with me.

Kristine: Today, we are going to be getting supplies that we’ll be donating to the shelter, an organization that we’re helping at. So come along with me. (Screech)

Kristine: But first, I read through their website and I saw that the organization had a wish-list of items that they need donated. That’s a great place to start!

Kristine: Alright. We just arrived [at] the market, so we’re going to go ahead and get some diapers and some shampoo and conditioner, which we’re going to use for the supply donation for INC Giving tomorrow.

Kristine: So let’s go ahead inside and get the supplies! 

Kristine: Diaper #1. Diaper #2! 3 down! We got the diapers. Now we’re going to go and get some shampoo and conditioner.

Kristine: ‘Family Promise’ is an amazing organization that serves families experiencing homelessness. So their wish list is pretty specific, and most organizations know exactly what they need. So we’re trusting them on this because they are the experts.

Kristine: They’re all gonna fit into the trunk …

Kristine: … We got 3 diapers, and we got 3 shampoo and conditioners. I think we’re all set, alright!

Kristine: Before I brought the donations over to the organization, I made sure to contact them and let them know we’re coming.

Kristine: Alright guys, here we have our supplies—we got our diapers, deodorants, shampoo, conditioner and liquid detergent. And then we have our volunteers.

Kristine: Yay!

Breanna: Yay!

Stephen: Yay! So happy!

Kristine: Everyone’s ready for INC Giving! Let’s go!

Stephen: Hello. Good morning.

Kristine: So, as you can see, this organization has a really small office—and it would have been a little overwhelming if a larger group of INC Giving volunteers showed up, right?

Kristine: It’s helpful to check first with the organization to see what size group can be accommodated.

Kristine: Today, we’re here to make a connection and introduce ourselves!

Kristine: Our project is called INC Giving. So we have different projects where we do acts to help the community.

Kristine: Why do you think it’s really important for our community to volunteer and to help?

Rubi: I hope it inspires people to see the amount of change they can do from a little, small action. It can be from just being there, being present, or a small donation or you know, will help the families that are in need, understand that it takes a village, that it takes a family, that it takes organizations to come together and build something together.

Kristine: We were able to coordinate with the organization, and we hope that we’re going to be able to do, a part—a part two.

Stephen: Yes, a part two.

Kristine: So we’re going to hopefully be able to help more with the community. We’re planning on doing like different booths with, like food, maybe clothes, and then more supply donation.

Kristine: And THAT is how you make a community connection!

Kristine: I have never met Rubi before, and now she knows all about the INC Giving Project. And in Santa Clarita, we’re already talking about how we can help them more in our future events.

Kristine: So do you have an organization already in mind? Tag your friends, and go make that community connection for your next INC Giving Project!

Kristine: Thanks again for coming along with me and I hope to see you guys again soon.

Kristine: Bye!


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Connect With a Community Organization