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Community Receive Help Through ‘Care For Humanity’ Event in Calgary, Canada

Amidst growing inflation, struggling organizations and residents in Calgary receive much-needed help through an outreach event; the INC is established in Lexington, Kentucky.


Community Receives Help Through ‘Care For Humanity’ Event in Calgary, Canada

Brother Michael Guerrero: This week on INC News World: 


Host Continued: An outreach event in Calgary extends care to residents and organizations in need. in the northern midwest, the Church Of Christ reaches Lexington, Kentucky. Your INC News World starts now. 


Brother Michael Guerrero: Welcome to INC News World, I’m Brother Michael Guerrero coming to you from the INC Media studios in San Francisco, California. With the new year in full swing, Canadians continue to combat persisting inflation and organizations fighting to help those in need have seen an increase in food bank usage by 30% this past year. 


Food bank usage in Canada due to homelessness 30% increase since last year

Host Continued: However, to help keep up with this need, let’s learn how the Church Of Christ was able to assist amidst this trying time. Odellia Carr has the story.


Gulya Taubaldieba (Development Officer, Mustard Seed, Calgary, Canada): It’s really vital to recognize this need in our community, especially during these challenging economic times, to eliminate poverty and homelessness.

Odellia Carr: Like many social agencies in Calgary, Gulya, a development officer at the Mustard seed, has seen a spike in food bank usage in the new year. Making agencies like Gulya’s finding their services not sufficient.


‘This isn’t sustainable’: Calgary Food Bank seeing high demand for emergency food support

Gulya Taubaldieba (Development Officer, Mustard Seed, Calgary, Canada): Like, 80% of our services, like basic services right, so we are always in constant need of food and hygiene products. So those care products are really, really essential.

Odellia Carr: And with that need for essential services to residents, Gulya was in timely receipt of help amongst other social agencies in need at a humanitarian effort event held at the Telus Convention Center in Downtown Calgary.

Gulya Taubaldieba (Development Officer, Mustard Seed, Calgary, Canada): On behalf of the Mustard Seed and the men and women we serve, I would like to say thank you so much for the Care For Humanity and the Church Of Christ for generous donations and for their continued support. Care For Humanity their support is really affecting and impacting our services. 

Odellia Carr: Impacting services for numerous social agencies in Calgary through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the volunteering arm of the Church Of Christ, through monetary donations provided to charitable groups like Hope Mission, Calgary Drop in, Action for Humanity, Community Wise, and Mustard Seed. 

Cindy Ngo (Manager, Annual Giving & Community At Calgary Drop-In Centre): We also thank the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Odellia Carr: Cindy, one of the monetary recipients, shared how this support of the FYM Foundation helps them in providing services for residents in Calgary.

Cindy Ngo (Manager, Annual Giving & Community At Calgary Drop-In Centre): Providing essential items like hot nutritious meals or even a warm pair of socks and boots. Something that is so simple, but it gives so much hope. From economic challenges, you know not being able to find a job, to something a little bit more deeper and severe, such as like some mental health and addictions issues. And yeah, we really rely on donors and supporters from our community just like you. And so your support and your donation today is just going to help us get much closer to a community where everyone can find their home.

Odellia Carr: With musical performances of original INC Christian music performed on stage, the highlight of the  Care For Humanity project was the giving of care packages. This is also was a direct response to the lack of food and hygiene products among residents in Calgary. 

Hon. Zaldy B. Patron ( Consulate General, Philippine Consulate, Calgary): I know that you were able to distribute about 1,200 care packages today, and that means a lot. 

Cindy Ngo (Manager, Annual Giving & Community At Calgary Drop-In Centre): You guys collected a ton of nonperishable food items and clothing and that went directly to those who are in need.

Odellia Carr: And as material needs were addressed so were the spiritual needs through an Evangelical Mission led by the Supervising Minister in the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, Brother Voltaire Tamisin, providing support to never give up during these trying times.

Andrew Stewart (Candidate For Alberta NDP): It is very easy right now to just give up. And that is why it is very important to have these kinds of things, to bring people together, to give them purpose, to give them meaning, to give a sense of collective action in a direction.

Odellia Carr: Even with guests like Leo, was amazed not only at the care given in Calgary but the intensified propagational efforts of the Church showcased through a guest photo exhibit as part of project 109 preparation in celebrating the 109th anniversary of the Church.   

Leo Trinidad (Guest, Calgary, Canada): It gives us all the benefits that the people would like to have—feeding the soul and feeding the body at the same time. So what you did is all right; I like that.

Brother Voltaire Tamisin (Supervising Minister, Ecclesiastical District of Calgary): At the start of this year the Church Administration, through the leadership of our Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, is all the more intensifying the work of propagation. That is why here in the District of Calgary, Canada, the members of the Church responded immediately through this Care For Humanity Evangelical Mission activity. We are fulfilling the purpose of our Lord God to not only extend a helping hand to those less fortunate or even extend to them the love and care of our Lord God through His words written in the Bible. 

Odellia Carr: With needs met and hope restored for many, this event left residents feeling grateful.

Gulya Taubaldieba (Development Officer, Mustard Seed, Calgary, Canada): We are really thankful for the Care For Humanity for providing those donations to us.

Odellia Carr: Even in the new year with times getting tougher, it is through humanitarian efforts, like here in Calgary, that remind residents that there is hope. Whether in receiving their basic needs or even spiritual care, you will find the Church Of Christ. To watch and follow the ongoing humanitarian efforts of the Church Of Christ in action, visit From Calgary, Alberta Canada, Odellia Carr, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network


Brother Michael Guerrero: Near the central part of Kentucky, is Lexington the second largest city in the state, known for its horse farms and race tracks. And it is also here where we see a special gathering take place. Justin Cabardo with more.


Ron Davis (Resident, Knoxville, Tennessee): Before, I was in the Baptist Church and I didn’t go all the time. 

Justin Cabardo: As a former baptist living in Tennessee, religion was never a priority for Ron. But after accepting an invitation from a friend to listen to the Bible-based teachings inside the Church Of Christ, his perspective changed with this newfound faith. 

Ron Davis (Resident, Knoxville, Tennessee): It makes you want to want to come—the way they explain it to you. And they can show you the proof. They’re not just telling you their opinion. It’s written [in the Bible]. 

Justin Cabardo: Now a member of the Church Of Christ for over a decade, Ron has witnessed the growth of the Church in this region of the U.S.

Ron Davis (INC Member, Lexington, Tennessee): The Church is continually growing, and there’s a reason for it—it’s the will of God. And we have lots and lots of congregations and you never see any other churches grow like we’ve grown. It makes you appreciate the blessings that we have.

Justin Cabardo: An added blessing for Ron and members here in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Midwest is the inaugural group worship service of Lexington, Kentucky. Despite traveling through a snowstorm, the brethren made sacrifices to witness this special occasion. For members, like Gary and Jack, they are thankful to be closer to a place of worship. 

Gary Howard (INC Member, Lexington, Kentucky): I’m very grateful that we have this one in Lexington now. It cut my travel time from a little over two hours, about two hours and 20mins, to about an hour and 15 minutes.

Jack Weston (INC Member, Lexington, Kentucky): I’m everlastingly grateful for this Lexington worship service group. 

Justin Cabardo: This Lexington inaugural group worship service was led by Minister of the Gospel, Brother Junie Alarin. 

Brother Rimaric Manuel (Resident Minister, Local Congregation of Lexington, District of Northern Midwest): Many of the brethren in this area are traveling an hour or four hours just to reach the Louisville Chapel. They are so very thankful because the Church Administration approved the Lexington Group Worship Service. 

Ron Davis (INC Member, Lexington, Kentucky): Hopefully we can grow and establish other group worship services in other places. 

Justin Cabardo: Ron expresses his gratitude to the Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo Manalo, not only for the establishment of the group worship service in Lexington but most of all for continuing to take care of the members throughout the world.

Ron Davis (INC Member, Lexington, Kentucky): We want to thank him very much for helping us get established here in Lexington. And we’ll continue to do our duty and continue to grow and we thank you very much.

Justin Cabardo: As the Church Of Christ continues to grow here in Kentucky so too do the opportunities to hear the true words of God. To learn more about the Church Of Christ, visit Justin Cabardo Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network; Lexington, Kentucky.


Brother Michael Guerrero: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: the Church Of Christ continues to grow, this time in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Vaudreuil, Quebec. From the U.S. to Canada and Europe, witness the latest events in the Church Of Christ. Stay tuned.


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Community Receive Help Through ‘Care For Humanity’ Event in Calgary, Canada