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Little boy watching inc kids streaming on tv

Keeping Kids Entertained With Christian Media

One of our daughter’s first phrases was, “Skip the ad, Mommy!”  

Clearly, a toddler with way too much screen time.

If we allowed it, she could watch a steady stream of YouTube videos of other families having fun. Sometimes they’re bringing home groceries, sometimes they’re baking.  Sometimes they’re just laughing at all sorts of silly things. And there’s our daughter. Watching. Other Families.

True, some of the YouTube families cover worthwhile topics like nature and science.  Some families exercise and play sports. But should our daughter be spending more time watching other families than being with her own? ‘

Family of four with skateboards

Time On Screens

Not surprisingly, the World Health Organization released strict guidelines in 2019: “Children under the age of five must spend less sedentary time watching screens.”  They suggest “no more than one hour of sedentary screen time” in order for children to grow up healthy.

But for the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced children across North America and all around the world towards more screen time than ever. Children and adults alike have become increasingly tethered to electronic devices, and it is affecting our time together as a family. 

So, instead of ripping the devices from their hands, how can we help our kids choose worthwhile content? Is there content that can entertain families and, at the same time, make them better people and Christians? 

The answer? Two words. Christian Media.

What Is Christian Media?

Entertaining Christian media is featured on Videos, articles, blogs and other tools help people see life beyond everyday routines and struggle. 

The Benefits Of Christian Media

In this digital age of search engines, streaming devices, handheld devices, mobile apps and games, our children deserve our love and concern more than ever. 

If we’re going to spend more time on screens each day, we need to make that time count. Busy Christian parents (are there any parents who are not busy?) need worry-free, ad-free content. 

On, there are so many on-demand videos and resources that can keep families entertained while reinforcing Christian values. And there’s no need to look for a free Christian TV app beyond the INC Media App, which streams content straight to your TV or on your mobile.

Top of little boy’s head while watching inckids adventures on tablet

Using To Keep Family Entertained

How do we navigate these free Christian entertainment resources? 

1. The Website

Here are some fun ideas to keep your family entertained by Christian Media on

Story Time! If you have young children, watch INC Kids Adventures, which features Bible Time stories, straight from Scripture. After watching the animated Bible story, Children’s Worship Service teachers review the key points. Other segments feature Klay the Koala who educates kids on important topics such as helmet safety, as well as Sweetie Says, in which Sweetie helps children learn the meaning of important words like “Love.”

Time to Draw! Learn how to draw with Brother James Raiz, a professional artist, who is also a Children’s Worship Service Teacher. In some episodes of INC Kids Adventures, Brother James teaches the Bible Time story, and then he teaches you how to draw a character or scene from the story. 

Activity Sheets – Print free activity sheets, a really fun companion to INC Kids Adventures episodes.

Around the World! As a family, discover all of the different places in the world the Church Of Christ has reached. 

  • Look at the Church directory and map out all of the congregations you have been to (or the ones you’d like to travel to in the future). 


What’s Their Story? What’s Your Story? If you have teenage or adult children, you could watch these programs:

  • Faith Speaks Listen to stories of people who have chosen to deal with problems with the guidance of God. Listen to their faith speak about how they found purpose through life’s toughest moments.
  • Stories of Faith People looking for truth, disappointed by other religions, or feel that there is something missing from their lives. See how they started their journey to God. 

After watching Stories of Faith together, tell your kids about your story of faith! And after watching Faith Speaks, talk about what you’d discuss in your own Faith Speaks.

If you’re looking for more stories, you can also watch INC News World or hear individuals discuss their dilemmas on The Solution. Scroll down to the bottom of each page of to find a list of programs.

What’s Your Question? Watch That’s in the Bible and meet people asking a range of questions about life, faith, and the Bible. As a family, come up with questions you’d ask on That’s in the Bible! But before filming your questions, take a look in the search box and see if that topic has already been covered on

There’s also Popular Topics section which covers all kinds of topics such as 

The Bible, God and Jesus, Christian Living, Christian Relationships, Common Problems, Finding Purpose & Direction, Prayer, Baptism & Church Membership, and Prophecy & the Messenger. As well, you can check out Frequently Asked Questions.

2. The Streaming Platform

Most “free” apps and YouTube channels bombard kids with commercials and ads, but the INC Media App is a totally free Christian TV app – ad-free, worry-free. It streams content like videos and podcasts straight to your TV via platforms such as Fire Stick, Roku, or Apple TV. 

Download the app today, get your remote control ready and start enjoying your favorite INC Media shows streamed directly to your TV set.

Young person watching inckids on phon
The INC Media mobile app interface

3. The Mobile App

The INC Media App is also available for mobile devices. Enjoy content from  

  • Christian Videos – When you’re on the go, you can still enjoy streams of ad-free, worry-free content. And it’s nicely organized into topics to help you find what you’re looking for:
    • Trending Now
    • Biblical Teachings
    • Church News
    • Learn More About the INC
    • Inspirational Stories
    • Influence on Christian living
    • Christian family videos
    • Social media and Christianity
    • Social media’s influence on culture
    • Dangers of social media
    • Should Christians celebrate Valentine’s Day
    • Featured Content: Coping & Dealing with Life’s Problems
  • Podcasts – On your next road trip, play your favorite INC Media podcasts. Or play them when you’re cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry together. Which one is your favorite?
  • For Kids – In addition to all of the episodes of INC Kids Adventures, you’ll find some exclusive specials on the INC Media App. Another great choice for road trips if you have a rear entertainment system that allows you to cast your phone.
  • Bible – Find a copy of the Bible on the INC Media App as well! Very handy if you need to look up verses in the Old Testament or New Testament.

4. Content To Check Out This Weekend

Subscribe to the mailing list and receive inspiring content directly to you each week. As a family, you’ll stay up to date with content on relevant and trending topics such as:

  • How To Approach Dating As a Christian – Dating is complicated these days.  But how should one approach dating as a Christian? What’s the difference between dating and Christian courtship? 
  • The Struggle Between Legality and Morality On the app or on the site, find out Who decides what is right and wrong? Discover the dangers and consequences of following the crowd when they go against God’s laws written in the Bible.
  • Is the Teen Brain Ready for Love? – Enjoy some quiet time together with your older kids as you read this blog. After each of you is done reading, discuss what you learned and what you can relate to.
  • The First And Greatest Commandment – On this episode of INC Kids Adventures learn the importance of God’s first and greatest commandment; Klay The Koala gives us tips on helping our parents at home; Sweetie teaches us the word “Love.”

When Spending Time Gives You More Time

This might actually be the only scenario where spending time gives you more time.

Because the more time you watch Christian media content together, the surer you’ll be that you’ll always be together – in this life and in the life to come. 

Enjoying INC Media content can bring your family closer and closer to God, and help you become richer and richer in faith. But it’s also important to really watch and enjoy it together, and spend time talking about it. Because as much as our kids love to be entertained, deep down they love to be loved.

I’m pretty sure our daughter could have pressed the “Skip the Ad” button on her own, but she wanted to make sure I was watching what she was watching. She wanted to make sure I was watching with her.

So, as a family, discover together how being entertained by Christian media on can keep you grounded in the truth. 

About the Author

Myra is a full-time high school teacher, from Toronto, Ontario. She’s a wife, and mother of two, who enjoys skateboarding and making healthy food for her family. She’s a staff writer at INC Media Services.