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Fill Your Day With Bible Verses About Life


Fill Your Day With Bible Verses About Life

I’ve been trying to fix my morning routine. Experts say that if you get your morning routine down, you’re halfway to becoming a happier, more successful person. 

Many recommend going for a walk first thing in the morning, journaling, or even reading something inspirational to put you in the right mindset. 

And that’s what I’m after. Sure, I’d like to be more productive, but even more so, I want to develop a strong mindset to take on whatever I have to face later on that day, or that particular week. 

And sometimes, that’s not the easiest thing in the world. Life gets in the way. There’s always the next problem we have to face that could knock us off our equilibrium. 

For reflection, for anxiety, for tough days: Find a Bible Verse of the day

When I’m in the thick of struggle, I’ve always been able to find comfort, and the answers I needed, from the Bible. It never fails. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. Why not build the habit of turning to something that’s been tried and proven to help people get through the toughest times?

Want to know if there’s a Bible verse that can help you with your life right now? Check out one (or all!) of these Verse Of The Week episodes right now, depending on what you’re going through. 

Here’s what’s on my current playlist:

If you feel anxious and worried:

If you feel frustrated and angry:

If you’re suffering from a broken-heart -

If you want a reminder on how to stay true to your values -

If you want to be a better human -

If you need a reminder about what matters most:

We may not know what’s in store for us…tomorrow, or next month, or the rest of this year.  This could be the start of the best year of our lives, or it could be the start of the worst. But what we do know is God’s words will never fail to help us. We can always trust that His advice will guide us, and help us navigate whatever we have to face in the future.

The call to action is simple: Start your Monday with the verse of the week

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