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Take a weekly adventure with us!

Here you’ll get the chance to choose one episode to show a week to the INC Kids in your district. Feel free to also use them for any of your INC Kids activities! 

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Don’t forget to tag @incmedianews and use the #INCKids and #INCKidsAdventures for any posts you share on instagram or your social media platform! Have fun!  

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Episode 1: Learning to Trust God

Learn how to draw the characters from the story of David and Goliath with James Raiz; Sweetie teaches us the word "trust".

Episode 2: Church Duties

James Raiz teaches the importance of holding a duty.

Episode 3: Daniel and the Lions' Den

Are you ready for our next adventure?! Learn how to draw along with James Raiz and the Story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den

Episode 4: Jonah and the Big Fish

Learn how to draw characters from the story of Jonah and the Big Fish.

Episode 5: The Importance of Following Our Leaders

Meet Sweetie’s new friend Klay the Koala; tune in for this week’s Bible Time feature; learn the importance of why we should obey those appointed by God.

Episode 6: God Accepts His Children Who Turn Away From Sin

Watch the Bible Time story of the Prodigal Son and learn what it means to turn away from sin.

Episode 7: Following God's Commandments

Learn about the importance of following God’s commandments from the Bible Time story and join the activity in drawing the characters from “Uzzah and the Ark of God” with Time To Draw host, James Raiz.

Episode 8: God Sent an Angel to Mary

Learn from this week’s Bible Time: God sent an Angel to Mary, and Sweetie teaches us the word ‘Obedience’.

Episode 9: How to Draw Adam and Eve

Draw Adam and Eve and learn about their Biblical story with Time to Draw host, James Raiz!

Episode 10: Proving Our Faith to God

Learn about why we should wholeheartedly believe and trust in our Almighty God.

Episode 11: The Good Samaritan

Watch the Bible Time story of "The Good Samaritan" and learn what it means to have compassion; Sweetie teaches us the word “Dedication”.

Episode 12: The Story of Noah and the Flood

Draw Noah’s ark and learn about the Biblical story of Noah the Great Flood.

Episode 13: The First and Greatest Commandment

Learn the importance of God's first and greatest commandment; Klay The Koala gives us tips on helping our parents at home; Sweetie teaches us the word "Love".

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