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Christian Life and a Game of Phoenix

Old Atari joystick with ‘space invaders’ characters next to it.

A Game of Phoenix, sounds like a good show, right? Maybe if you were born way after the eighties, I might need to explain. But if you’re all about balancing the Christian life – I may not.

Here’s why.

Phoenix is a space invaders type of game released by Atari in the eighties. You move side-to-side dodging the enemy and their ammo, while shooting back and taking them out. Sound familiar?

GIF of space invaders moving left to right.

Exams – pew. Your share of rent – pew, pew. Bad relationships – pew, pew, pew! We’re conditioned to deal with problems head-on, as they come. We scramble to get rid of them, only to deal with them again another day.  Then, just when we think we’ve got the hang of it – the invaders shoot back.

While our little spaceship avatar is dodging and defending its little self, there’s one thing that it’s not doing. It’s not going anywhere. It’s neither able to move forward or backward, it’s just stuck on a horizontal axis.

Balancing the Christian life

If you’re already a Christian, then you intend to put God first. Though at times it feels like we’re all stuck just moving side-to-side surviving life instead of conquering it. Is there really room for Christian priorities in a busy life? Have you ever wondered ‘how do I put God first in everything I do?’

Here are a few ways members of the Church Of Christ organize priorities as Christians so that we’re not just weaving and bobbing, we actually have God on our defense:

Stay organized and set goals

As members of the Church Of Christ, we have our moments of reflection for God’s protection over His Church and His blessings throughout the year. In between those moments we devote ourselves to prayers and activities that help us keep on track. We keep it like an appointment. We also ask ourselves questions that help us take deliberate steps to build stronger faith.

Remember the things you ‘get to’ instead of ‘have to’

This simple one-word swap is an easy way to invite gratitude into your daily life. It’s easy to forget your blessings and spiritual priorities when there’s so much noise around you. This is a practice members of our Church are used to. We keep our hearts open even in busy times, we love that we get to share our faith and be a part of the community. It’s a privilege.

We take care of ourselves, inside and out

We all want to become the best versions of ourselves and for us whether it’s diet and exercise or mapping out our career path, we make sure we consult God in everything we do. We consult Bible verses about priorities and goal setting because we know that when we center ourselves first on the inside, it will show on the outside too.

Still dodging life as it comes? There’s another way. Learn more about the Church Of Christ community and get support, biblical based advice and a clear path towards peaceful Christian living.

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About the Author(S)

Mariel Miranda Gutierrez is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves writing about her journey has a mom, a wife, and a Christian just trying to make it through modern times. Listen to her and her three friends talk about their journey as Christian women, on the podcast Tired Moms!