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Care Packages for Orphans & Help for Seniors

INC Giving volunteers from around the world continue to find ways to reach out to more people. We had some who organized and delivered care packages to Bethany House Orphanage, while many others organized events to show appreciation to our elderly community members. There are always those who are in need and this week, Elijah shows us the many other ways we can help them.


Care Packages for Orphans and Music Entertainment for Seniors


Elijah: Hello everyone! Thanks for tuning into this week’s INC Giving recap. Yup! So many amazing INC Giving activities to see today.


Elijah: We have a well rounded round up from around the world! Let’s get around to it shall we?


Elijah: First, we pull up to this fire hall in Markham, Ontario, where INC Giving volunteers headed over to thank these local heroes for their service. 


Tyler Smith: It’s exciting, I’ve been on the truck since maybe December. I haven’t had any big groups coming in, so it’s lovely having you guys come and show some interest and really appreciate it.


Elijah: Next, just 20 miles away, volunteers shared their appreciation for the police department at another INC Giving activity held in Toronto. They dropped off some treats and provided some musical entertainment to brighten the day of these hardworking members of the community.


Elijah: In the same spirit, volunteers in Aston, Pennsylvania express their gratitude to local law enforcement by delivering water, snacks and homemade cards crafted by their youngest INC Giving helpers.


Elijah: This genuine care for the community carried over into another INC Giving activity in Aston, Pennsylvania—a food donation drive in partnership with a community organization, Neighbors Helping Neighbors.


Elijah: They collected food items, sorted and packed donations and together brought them to this drop-off location to be distributed to community members in need.


Elijah: And look, they didn’t stop there. Way to go for holding a neighborhood

cleanup in Philadelphia.


Elijah: Now we head over to the other side of the world to Tainan City, Taiwan, where INC Giving volunteers got their brooms out and spent the day doing a local park cleanup. Looks like a great wellness activity cleaning the environment and our minds of debris. Great job everyone!


Elijah: Our next stop is in Port Louis, Mauritius where INC Giving volunteers shared their heartfelt appreciation for teachers.


Elijah: Next over to Quezon City, Philippines, Visayas Avenue, to be exact. This eager and organized group of dozens of INC Giving volunteers went out to express their appreciation for local tricycle drivers.


Elijah: Ooh, do I see some yummy ensaymada?


Elijah: By the way, for those who don’t know, is a rich, soft, sweet bread. What a sweet way to say thank you to those hardworking people who help us get around.


Elijah: Our next INC Giving activity was organized for a most precious group. As these gates open, we catch a glimpse of Bethany House Orphanage in Bulacan West, Philippines. A facility that offers temporary residential child care. 


Elijah: For many of us, it may be hard to imagine the struggles of children who are left without parents.


Elijah: To bring them some joy and to help them with their essential needs. INC Giving volunteers gifted them with care packages containing vitamins, diapers, slippers, towels, coloring books, infant’s milk, and even food.


Elijah: Next, these volunteers reach out to another precious group—our beloved elders.

Here in Canalaon City, Philippines, this cheerful group spent quality time with seniors.


Elijah: As did these volunteers at a ‘Singing For Seniors’ event in Nevada, USA.


Elijah: It’s great to see how these INC Giving events are providing singing volunteers opportunities that uplift the community.


INC Giving Volunteers: Members of the Church Of Christ!


Elijah: In our next leg of our recap, we’re in Canada again to see many, many volunteers donating blood and plasma.


Elijah: The Canadian Blood Services website explains, “Roughly every minute, every day someone in Canada needs blood. Blood and blood components are used to treat a number of injuries and illnesses, including various forms of cancer, hip and joint conditions, transplants, traumas such as car crashes, blood disorders, and many others.”


Elijah: Let’s give it up for our volunteers in Toronto, Ontario.


Elijah: Next, Brampton, Ontario.


Elijah: And next, Saskatchewan.


Elijah: Great job everyone! Rolling up your sleeves to donate blood, you’ve helped save so many, many lives.


Elijah: We’re going to close off this week’s recap with an INC Giving Neighborhood Appreciation Day in Los Angeles.


Elijah: To show their love for the community, volunteers gathered in Sycamore Grove Park and set up booths to provide free food, arts and crafts, gently used clothing, toys and books. They even offered free health screenings and free haircuts.


Rosemary Manzanares: If someone needed help they could get stuff from here or food if they’re hungry. So I think it helps people that are living in the street and people that can’t afford stuff.


Osvaldo Fernandez: I think it was really positive, especially here in Highland Park. It really had a lot of violence and stuff like that, back then. Now to have a gathering as such where all walks of life and people are coming together in this community, really speaks volumes.


Elijah: Well, circling back around to L.A. reminds me of a fun fact. Did you know that back in 2011, LA was a site of the very first INC Giving Neighborhood Appreciation Day!


Elijah: It’s really amazing to see how the INC Giving Project has continued throughout the years, and has now blossomed to this wonderful effort shared globally.


Elijah: And remember, whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.

Let’s keep growing and keep giving.


Elijah: Can’t wait to see you guys again next week and share all of the meaningful

good deeds that fellow INC Giving volunteers continue to do.


Elijah: You can always watch all of the recaps and vlogs on and also check out the tools page for more ideas for your next INC Giving Project.


Elijah: Take care and see you guys soon!


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Care Packages for Orphans & Help for Seniors