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What To Do Before Donating Blood

Donating blood is a simple procedure that makes a major difference in the lives of those that need it. This vlog shows us how easy it is to go out and donate. If you’ve never donated blood and want to know what to do before donating for the first time, join Kez as she takes us through her experience.


What To Do Before Donating Blood For the First Time


Kez: Good morning, everybody. It’s me, Kez G. And it is about 8:00 in the morning here in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. And I’m up and early with my INC Giving shirt on because you guessed it, we are going to be going to an INC Giving event in about a couple of hours.


Kez: And we’re going to go to a blood donation drive and I’m really excited because this is my second time donating. The first time I donated was about a year ago and it’s really cool and I really love it and it’s really exciting. So I’m going to do it again this year.


Kez:  So I’ve got this big 1.5 liter water bottle with me, and that’s because I’m trying to hydrate.


Kez: So one of the things you should be doing before you start a blood donation is the day before you need to make sure that you’ve been drinking about eight glasses of water, making sure that you refrain from fatty intake or fatty foods for the day.


Kez: And then on the day, about 3 hours before, you need to make sure that you continue to hydrate your body, making sure you drink about 750 milliliters or more, depending on your body, of fluids.


Kez: So you’ve had a good breakfast, something savory, and that should get you ready for a blood donation today.


Kez:  It’s my sister. It’s also our second time donating. 


Keren Matining: Third for you. 


Kez: Third for you, second for me.


Kez: Alright. Time to check in.


Staff Member: Sorry. Thanks for waiting.


Kez: That’s ok.


Staff Member: What was your name?


Kez: This is me doing a pre check up just to make sure I’m all good to go.


Kez: And then they sit me on a chair and then let’s get donating.


Kez: It’s going good, about two more minutes to go, they said. I’m just trying to relax a bit.


Kez: All done. And I have a bandage on my arm to prove it.


Kez: This is Zhane. This is her first time donating.


Kez: When you donate for the first time– she got a badge. Yes.


Kez: Yeah. We’ve both got [bandages].


Zhane Axinto:Twins. 


Kez: Twinsies.


Kez: So after donating it is very important for you to start fueling up again. So I’m just going to go make myself a nice hot chockie and I’ll probably go get some meat pies.


Kez: So while we’re recovering from our blood donation, we’re all watching…


Kez: INC Media Live.


Kez: Okay, so we’re all done. I am ready to go home. My arm is stinging a little bit,

but that is normal. And so it was really fun doing this. Can’t wait ‘til the next time I can do it.


Kez: And so that is the end of my vlog. Hope you guys have a great day and don’t forget to follow the INC Giving Project page. See ya.



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What To Do Before Donating Blood