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Brother Eduardo V. Manalo Leads Dedication of Houses of Worship in Japan

Two new houses of worship are dedicated to God in Gifu West and Ichikawa, Japan in a special worship service led by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.


Michelle Peredo: Amid the pandemic and ongoing economic hardship, the Church Of Christ continues to build and dedicated new houses of worship. And as part of its 109th anniversary, the Executive Minister visited Church Of Christ members in Japan to lead them in a special worship service in dedicating two new houses of worship. Michael Robinson has more on this story.


Michael Robinson: The construction of houses of worship in the Church Of Christ is nonstop, and Japan is the latest to celebrate this ongoing growth.

And members throughout Japan are celebrating the 109th anniversary of the Church Of Christ as they were led in a special worship service by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, in dedicating the new house of worship in Gifu West.

And joining in this special occasion were also the members in Ichikawa over 300 miles east of Gifu where another house of worship was also dedicated simultaneously via live video streaming. Members were grateful, being led by the Executive Minister in witnessing God’s continuous love in Japan.

Aimi Watanabe (Assistant Choir Leader, Ichikawa, Japan): I am so grateful, not only because it’s our Executive Minister who led our anniversary thanksgiving worship service, but also because it’s the dedication of our house of worship here in Ichikawa.

Katsuyuki Kubota (INC Member, Ichikawa, Japan): I really appreciate it because as I said before, God’s teachings are true and [written in] the Bible and as what was preached earlier, “I am with you. Because I am your God.” These words are firmly engraved in my heart.

Hidekazu Takahashi (INC Member, Ichikawa, Japan): The outside and inside are clearly different. This new house of worship gives me more inspiration coming from the Lord God. We are all very proud to have a house of worship like this. This will all the more strengthen our faith in our services to the Lord God.

Michael Robinson: These two new houses of worship are part of the 591 newly dedicated houses of worship to the Almighty God throughout the world from the start of the pandemic to the present. This all due to the ongoing work of propagation and more people accepting the true faith like here in Japan.

Brother Manny Benedicto (Supervising Minister, Nagoya, Japan): With the help and mercy of our Almighty God, the works of propagation have been successful. The number of members has grown. The newly baptized members now are additions to the unhindered growth of membership of the Church Of Christ around the world and even here in Japan.

Michael Robinson: This work resulted in having over 70 congregations established with numerous houses of worship built from the ground up, purchased and renovated.  All overseen within two ecclesiastical districts. One in Tokyo and one in Nagoya, now with worship services brought even closer to members in Gifu and Ichikawa.

Aimi Watanabe (Assistant Choir Leader, Ichikawa, Japan): The congregation in Tokyo is quite far, so I spent more than an hour traveling by train and now, the house of worship we have [here in Ichikawa] is nice and big. I all the more look forward to having worship services here.

Michael Robinson: And these properties provided an opportunity for the contractor to learn more about the Church Of Christ while also witnessing the dedication of these new houses of worship– the hope for more in Japan to learn about the true faith.

Ootani Etsurou (General Contractor, Houses of worship of Gifu West and Ichikawa): Some acquaintances of mine told me that there are many brethren all over the world. As I mentioned earlier, they show concern for others, which is why it is thriving, and I believe that’s important.

Michael Robinson: And the impact of the visit of the Executive Minister in the faith of families, witnessing the growth of the Church Of Christ here in Japan.

Teruo Uchiki (INC Officer, Ichikawa, Japan): Every member of my family holds a duty in the Church, so we’re all united as a family and committed to following the path that God has shown us until the very end.

Hidekazu Takahashi (INC Member, Ichikawa, Japan): The Church Of Christ has something wonderful for the people of Japan and it’s my hope it will spread even more.

Michael Robinson: And many more projects like what has happened in Japan is also happening throughout the world. Whether recently dedicated, currently under construction and being renovated or recently purchased properties, this is the answering to the growing needs of Church Of Christ members– having beautiful and suitable houses of worship that also stand as beacons of inspiration.

To keep up on the current building of houses of worship throughout the world of the Church Of Christ, visit

Michael Robinson, Iglesia Ni Cristo News Network.




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Brother Eduardo V. Manalo Leads Dedication of Houses of Worship in Japan