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A Near-Death Experience Leads to a Drastic Life-Change

After having a near-death experience, a man reflects on his life. Then a conversation with a new colleague, where the Bible is the topic, makes him question the way he has served God his whole life.


Richard Rodriguez: When we’re delivering the currency, one guy was already inside the other side of the south door. It didn’t feel right. Something just felt really bad. I remember just seeing him point the gun and the way he looked. There was such evil in his eyes. He wanted to kill me.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles county. I was a former Catholic, born and raised into that religion, obviously for my family. I was a former musician. I played bass in a band. I was working for [an] armored car security company.

[Show open]


Voiceover: One morning, as Richard and his partner began their usual route as armored guards, they knew it wouldn’t be an ordinary day.

Richard: Before I knew it, my partner falls backwards. I fell down against the door. My life could’ve ended right there and I wasn’t going to be saved on Judgment day.

Voiceover: That night shook Richard. And as he continued to work for the same company, a co-worker named Tony began a conversation that would change his life.

Richard: We started talking about the Bible. It was during a New Year’s Day and it was a holiday. We were upstairs in the locker room. He was reading the Bible. We started conversing. He actually requested me to be his driver throughout our 12-hour shifts, sometimes 16-hour shifts. We were working, we were talking about the Bible and our Almighty God.

Voiceover: Tony invited Richard to attend Bible classes in the Church Of Christ. And Richard began to reflect on his situation.

Richard: The way I was living my life, I was not serving God. I was living my life disobedient to God. So God wants everyone to come to the knowledge of the truth. And it took me a long time to do that.

Voiceover: As Richard continued to attend Bible classes in the Church Of Christ, he was learning God’s words straight from the Bible. Tony encouraged him to compare this to what the Catholic Church teaches.

Richard: So I made an appointment to go see a priest. Is Jesus Christ God? He couldn’t answer anything. He didn’t know. The second one was about saints and virgin Mary—the Catholic virgin Mary, he had no answer. I was angry with the Catholic church. I felt deceived. They do not focus on the truth. That was really an eye-opener for me.

I want to serve God. Pray for a deeper faith and understanding because it wasn’t until I started praying for that that I saw God working in my life.

Voiceover: Richard could feel God pulling him closer and closer to the truth.

Richard: I was going through Bible studies learning more the truth and from there my mind was just so overwhelmed it was such a blessing to know the truth, finally.

Voiceover: Today, Richard is even more thankful he is still alive to serve God in the true Church Of Christ.

Richard: My life has changed drastically. I’m just doing my best to serve our Almighty God.


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A Near-Death Experience Leads to a Drastic Life-Change