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Terry Grant

After finding the truth, a man shares it everywhere he goes.


Terry Grant: How are you gonna reach out to the people of the world? There’s so many people when you’re driving around going through shopping centers, in your everyday routine in your life as you’re going around. How do you talk to these other people?

Voiceover: There are millions of people in the world and almost as many different religions. Terry Grant hopes they’ll find the truth, which is something he spent years searching for.

Terry: When I joined the Navy, I went from different religions like Mormon, Church of Christ Latter-Day Saints, Baptists, Protestants, even looked at the Catholic religion. So I went through a number of different religions, but I really never stuck to one.

Voiceover: As Terry searched for the right way to serve God, he grew accustomed to feeling disappointed.

Terry: I just didn’t feel right. For some reason I had a feeling inside that this just didn’t feel right.

Voiceover: But in the early 1980’s, he was invited to a worship service in the Church Of Christ. And he experienced something completely new.

Terry: When he [the minister] was preaching the words of God, it was question and answer. And every answer was straight from the Bible. It wasn’t like the other religions that I had gone to where ministers would read a verse from the Bible, then tell a story. So that was impressive. This has to be the true Church because they’re not giving their own opinion.

Right then and there, God called me right then and there because I felt it. I knew inside that this is the true Church. As soon as the worship service, the singing, the prayer–everything–I knew I had found the true Church. Just simple as that. Compared to all the other religions that I’d been to, once I was in the worship service, that was it. God called me right then and there because I knew it was correct.

Voiceover: Terry was so impressed. He began Bible studies in the Church Of Christ and was baptized in 1982.

Terry: Because I can’t find anything wrong with the teachings of God that are being taught and implemented by the Church Of Christ, I believe that’s why I stay in the Church Of Christ because I know I’m on the right path. God is the One who called me into the Church Of Christ. The only reason why I still continue to be a member of the Church of Christ and even active in the Church Of Christ is because of the loving kindness of God. It’s as simple as that.

Voiceover: Since being called into the Church Of Christ, Terry can’t help but think of all the people who need to know the truth and continues to reach out to everyone he can.

Terry: So I put the stickers on my car concerning I carry Church literature in my van. I’ve actually had people come up to me when I’m in the gas station and ask me what it means, and I explain it to them. I don’t even have to go up to them, they’re coming up to me. And they were searching our website of the Church and we hadn’t even talked to them. They were just looking at my van. So God will be the one to actually create the opportunity for you to talk to someone. When you’re doing missionary work, it really makes you feel good when you’re doing missionary work because you feel good inside that you’re actually doing something.


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