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Sharing Kindness & Public Service Recognition

TfL workers in London along with police and firefighters in the USA received public service recognition. Join Elijah on this week’s INC Giving recap to learn about these acts of kindness and many more from around the world.


Sharing Kindness Through Public Service Recognition


Elijah: Another week full of INC Giving Projects are ready for you to check out! Let’s jump right in.


Elijah: The TfL workers in London have the big responsibility of managing the public transport network, and to say, “Thank you” for that hard work, INC Giving Project Volunteers from Stratford gave them some baked goods. They call them biscuits, we call them cookies, but they’re all given with appreciation. I hope they loved them.


Elijah: Continuing on with our appreciation theme, in Philadelphia a group of the littlest volunteers got together to make ‘thank you’ cards for the police officers in their city. Volunteers made sure the cards were hand delivered to the local police station.


Elijah: And we learned in New Jersey that a gesture of thanks can just be introducing ourselves and getting to know our public servants like the fire department.


Elijah: But the sweetest appreciation is of our elders. In Manitoba, Canada, volunteers from Burrows visited a senior living home and brought gifts and entertainment to make the residents’ lives a little brighter.


Elijah: And the INC Giving continues in England, with the donation of winter clothes and essentials to the Ahava Community Charity Group and canned food items to the Catalytic Shelter.


Elijah: You know it’s a cold winter when on the opposite side of the pond you find volunteers doing the exact same thing. In Wrightstown, New Jersey, another winter wear drive, this one for the Home Front Organization. And they even got a mini tour of the facility.


Elijah: Now, here’s something we haven’t seen before, this family just opened up their garage, laid out dozens of eggs and said, “Come on over!” 


Elijah: Groceries are expensive, so we know this was highly appreciated by their neighbors.


Elijah: And if there’s one thing INC Giving volunteers are good at—is giving what is needed the most. Sometimes it’s eggs, but in Barangay Pasong Cawayan they needed and got free school supplies and a hot meal. That looks like soup! Great choice.


Elijah: Now check out this free food service also held in Bulacan West, Philippines. Have you ever seen INC Giving To-Go boxes before? Volunteers here handed out free snacks to anyone driving by and had a free clothes stand for anyone to take what they needed.


Elijah: Sometimes what people need most is more than sweet treats and free clothes. Check out how volunteers from Osaka stepped up big time and donated blood to the Japan Red Cross Society.


Elijah: And in Brunei, free health checkups were offered. From taking care of our bodies to taking care of the environment, volunteers have got it all covered this week.


Elijah: In Agusan Del Norte in the Philippines, the black sands of Masao Beach were cleaned up. And so were the city streets in Quezon East, Philippines.


Elijah: While cleaning the beaches and sidewalks around Micronesia, volunteers here connected with their community, and brought donuts of course! Let’s be honest, those always help make connections too.


Elijah: And smiles, don’t forget the smiles! Our friends in Cambodia are sweeping and smiling, sweeping and smiling. Kids, me included, could all learn something from how happy they’re sweeping!


Elijah: And our last stop for today’s recap is at the Canili Area National High School in Maria Aurora, Philippines, where volunteers and students worked together to improve their landscaping and garden.


Elijah: That was a lot of great INC Giving Projects done around the world by some amazing volunteers. Great job! I can’t wait to see what you guys all do this week.


Elijah: For tools and updates don’t forget to go to You can also catch up on any weekly recap episode that you may have missed! And remember, whenever you possibly can do good to those who need it.


Elijah: Bye! See you guys next week.



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Sharing Kindness & Public Service Recognition