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Providing PPE to People All Over the U.S.

With the use of Facebook, a man finds a way to supply thousands of face masks to friends, families, and strangers all around the U.S.


Providing PPE to People All Over the U.S.

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Moises Platon: I want to make a difference to help out those who are in need, especially during this type of pandemic. God has given me the opportunity to do this.

Moises Platon: There’s even a mom that was at a care home; I gave them a couple pieces of masks, even an N95, and she cried so much because she was struggling as a mom that has a son with Leukemia and also had to go to dialysis every other day. 

Host: This family is one of many recipients from an act of kindness of Arizona resident, Moises Platon.

Host: An administrator for several healthcare facilities, he’s taken initiative to find solutions to a need he saw firsthand. 

Moises Platon: I’ve seen the need of face masks. There was a time when you can’t find anything anymore. You just don’t know how much it really impacts them every day in their lives. A mask that is a disposable, you’re not supposed to use it multiple times. They have no other choice but to have to do that.

Host: The need for personal protective equipment, or face-coverings, have grown to be the new normal from this year’s Covid-19 pandemic outbreak for both frontliners and community members alike.

Moises Platon: I had to do something. I had to create a way to find some face masks to search through the internet, Facebook or what social media or whatsoever. 

Moises Platon: Luckily, I was able to connect with someone in the Philippines. So that’s where all this started. The las place you would think would have these masks, the Philippines, they’re able to ship me thousands and thousands of face masks.

Moises Platon: I reached out to all my colleagues in the healthcare industry, nurses with the care homes, assisted living, and also hospitals. I started with 1,000. After the first day, the second day, it was gone. Then 3 days later, I received another thousand. 2 days later, 3 days later, it’s gone. Then I received another 2 thousand, same thing. 

Host: Over the past two months, Moises, with the help of some others, has been steadily distributing nearly 10 thousand dollars worth of PPE in his community, and throughout the world.

Moises Platon: I’m always about helping others. So if I have something, I like to share what I have.

Moises Platon: The excitement that everybody had when they actually handed it to them? It’s overwhelming. 

Moises Platon: So seeing that, you know, getting input from the community, it’s such a great blessing for me.

Moises Platon: This is something that we learned from the teachings in the Church [Of Christ]. That when you see someone in need, first thing you do is you help them.

Host: Moises hopes this act of giving serves as a silver lining during this pandemic. 

Moises Platon: A lot of people asked me, ‘Why are you doing this? Why are you giving this for free? I mention it to them all the time, ‘Here’s the card, You can see, you can learn from the teachings, what our Church has taught me, to be grateful for what I have and also to share the blessings to those who are in need.

Host: And he will continue to share his faith through acts of kindness, no matter the cost.

Moises Platon: God has blessed me enough to where I’m able to share whatever I’m able to receive right now. That’s my mentality — whatever I can do to help, whatever I can do to kind of make a difference, I’m going to continue to do it until we don’t have any more.

Moises Platon: That’s my main goal — is pretty much inspiring everyone to do the same to help each other out.

Host: Remember, whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. I’m Lois Paula. Stay tuned for more stories on the INC Giving Show. 

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Providing PPE to People All Over the U.S.