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How To Cope When Caring For Elderly Parents

A man with glasses sits next to an older man and hands him medication

Family care can be stressful and some feel trapped caring for elderly parents. Is it possible to cope with the pressure of caregiving while handling other daily and familial responsibilities?

How To Deal With Disappointments In Life

A man sits with his back to a woman and both look disappointed or upset

Feelings of happiness throughout life, even with loved ones, can be fleeting. Some become depressed after people they love disappoint them. After hitting rock bottom, Daniel, a student, wants to know how he can truly have a happy life.

How To Deal With Failure

A man sits in front of his computer holding his hand to his right temple looking worried or disappointed

Realizing that envisioned future plans are not meant to be can be quite discouraging. A university graduate asks how to overcome failure when his career plans didn’t work out the way he planned.

How To Deal With Life’s Ups And Downs

A group of four people run up a steep road together.

Life is full of ups and downs, and everyone will always experience both good and trying times. But why is it that we’re meant to go through different trials or tests in life, and how should we handle them?

Don’t Blame God

An upset woman with an outstretched arm distances herself from a man who appears to be trying to explain himself.

When life doesn’t go as planned, some play the blame game; blaming their situation on circumstances, other people, and even God. Why should we self-examine, and is it possible to turn things around when we experience hardship and challenges?

How To Learn From Failures

A woman wearing glasses rests her chin on her hand looking contemplative as she sits in front of a large window

What can you learn from failure? Rarely does one say I have learned a good lesson from my failure. Find out how to cope and persevere with God’s help.

Taking Care Of Your Spiritual Health

A person stands in solitude outdoors near their tent, looking at the sun and the surrounding hills

Many worry and focus more on physical and mental health. But what about spiritual well-being? How can we nurture our spiritual health and maintain a spiritual life with God?

Helping Youth Of Today Gain True Knowledge

A person lays their head on a desk with a stack of books in front of them

The youth focus their time on various things and on enjoying the present. But there is something important that time should be set aside for, and a specific knowledge that should be pursued to benefit their future.

Managing Expectations In Life

A man with sunglasses and an orange backpack stands in a forest with no apparent clear path

We all have expectations in life, but is there something also expected of us, and from whom? Learn to trust in God when plans fail and we are disappointed or discouraged by unrealistic expectations.

What Is Real Change?

A man appears contemplative under a colorful sky and clouds

Many want change in the world because of its worsening conditions. There are also people who wonder how to change their lives and be happy. But what is real change, and what change should we want most?