Dealing With Anger

man and woman arguing, with overlay text on lower left corner: "Dealing with anger"

Should we let our anger control our actions? A young mom has a hard time dealing with anger in a healthy way and asks for advice from the Bible.

Graduating During A Pandemic

two men looking at the camera smiling

Searching for work right out of college is hard enough, but how about after graduation during the pandemic? Brian, a young college student from Canada, asks how he can cope with the uncertainties that come with graduating and his fear of not having a career during a pandemic.

Coping with the Death of a Parent

Minister and guest on The Solution Banner for Coping With the Death Of A Parent episode

A family man grieving the death of his mother reflects on his decisions about her care, and asks whether he should have feelings of regret as he copes.

Staying Positive During a Pandemic

The Solution episode banner on how to stay positive and grateful during a pandemic.

During difficult times, it can be easy to give in to negativity. A young professional asks how she can stay positive and grateful during a pandemic.

Coping With Job Loss and Anxiety

two men in a split screen looking at the camera

Many people are facing job loss due to COVID-19. A young dad asks how to have faith when you lose your job, and stay positive for your family.