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Suicide or God as a Way Out

Silhouette of someone looking out into the mountains and bold text that says Is there Truly A Way Out?

More and more people are suffering from depression today. It’s estimated that every 40 seconds, someone is dying by suicide. What does the Bible say on how God can help relieve people’s suffering?

Does God Know You?

A pair of shoes and a puddle of water with a reflection of someone.

Some people feel like they’re praying but are not being answered and it makes them wonder “does God even know me?” What must one do to be recognized by God?

True Freedom Taught in the Bible

Hand holding a key with light on hand

Can a person have freedom and not be a slave to sin? What does the Bible say about free will and how can true freedom set you free from sin and death?

Requirements to Enter Heaven

Blurred image of a man entering a light

Is baptism required to enter heaven or can one just be a good person and automatically be accepted to enter heaven?

Wondering Who the True God Is?

Bibles opened to the book of John on a table with a plant and a phone with the words who is the one true God

There are so many lies people believe about God because of what they’ve been told growing up. Find out for yourself who the true God is.

Turning to God During Crisis

Black and white silhouette of man with light shining on him

When people are going through trials, they often turn to friends and family first. But what are the true benefits of turning to God first and why does He allow problems to exist in our lives in the first place?

Losing Trust: Do Authentic Church Leaders Still Exist?

Back of man holding a Bible in front a church congregation

Are church leaders bound to fail? Despite pressure to adapt to changing beliefs and trends, and a growing mistrust towards leaders, it is possible for a Church leader to authentically care without compromising biblical teachings.