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The Importance of Religion

Windows of a church with sunlight coming through

In this episode, we delve into the significance of different religious beliefs and practices, questioning the importance of religion in our lives. We ponder the age-old question: Is organized religion truly necessary? Uncover insights that challenge perspectives and contribute to a deeper understanding of the role faith plays in our diverse world.

Christmas Is Not A Christian Holiday

Santa Claus and the bible with text Christmas Is Not A Christian Holiday

Unwrap the truth about Christmas in this thought-provoking episode! Explore the religious aspects of Christmas and delve into the biblical account of the birth of Jesus, separating fact from fiction. Challenge common misconceptions as we unravel whether Christmas is truly a religious holiday or if it’s just a man made tradition because Christmas in the not in the Bible. You’ll discover surprising insights that may reshape your perspective on this festive season.

Creation Or Evolution

Silhouette images of a monkey then cave man then man sitting at a desk

In this episode, we’ll dive into the old age debate of creation vs evolution. Is evolution a theory or law? Uncover the arguments for creationism and explore the intriguing question: Can you believe in God and evolution simultaneously? Join us as we unravel the mysteries and celebrate the beauty of God’s creation.

Prophecies About the True Church

The message bible and a hand putting a bible on the shelf

In this part 2 of our prophecy series, we’ll learn about how the bible revealed the true Church through biblical prophecy. And is fulfillment of prophecy a characteristic of the true church?

Qualities of the True Church

Row of bibles

In this part 1 of our prophecy series, we’ll find out if there is actually one true Church mentioned in the Bible. And what are its qualities? And how does prophecy prove that it’s a true Church?

The Dangers of Changing Doctrine

Hand holding Eraser erasing words from a biblical passage

In this thought-provoking episode, we explore the signs of progressive churches who are willing to compromise changing doctrine for the sake of having an inclusive church. We unpack its risks and spiritual dangers and the profound impact on the narrative of biblical morality.

The Need for Forgiveness of Sin

two hands holding a paper shaped like a heart with the word forgiveness written on it.

In this episode, we explore the different types of forgiveness and the reasons behind its significance in our lives. Join us as we ponder over the question: “Why does God want us to ask for forgiveness and why is there a need for it?

Exploring the Dangers of Wokeness

People protesting with text is being woke biblical

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the rising phenomenon of “being woke” and its implications for Christians. Join us as we navigate the intricate intersection of woke culture, cancel culture, justice, and righteousness, seeking to understand the potential dangers that arise from this clash.

Coping Without Addiction

Silhouette of man with hands on face with INC International Edition and inc media logo

Are you struggling with addiction and searching for healthier ways to deal with problems? In this video, we’ll explore various coping mechanisms and delve into what the Bible has to say about addiction. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

The Trusted Influencer

Scrabble letters that spell out trusted influencer

In an era dominated by the popularity of social media influencers, it’s crucial to reflect on who we truly trust and allow to shape our lives. While countless individuals seek guidance from popular online personalities, we must not overlook the unwavering influence and wisdom of God. In this episode, we explore why God should be the ultimate trusted influencer in our lives.