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Uniting To Help Flood Victims in Lismore

Two men carrying wooden debris across the street.

Coastal communities have a delicate relationship with the bodies of water that run along their borders. See how INC Giving volunteers traveled near and far to provide help for flood victims; provide care for mangrove trees; and showed a neighborhood that they are an important part of a community.

Recognizing The Need For Action

Man loading boxes into truck filled with donations.

Recognizing the basic human needs of others is an important first step to making your community better. See how some were able to recognize the need in their city through a community outreach program and how others even took it a step further by helping those that were outside of their own community.

Coastal Clean Up In New Jersey

Father and son holding trash bags at a beach clean up.

Pollution can affect and harm our coasts. See how some volunteers joined a beach clean up in New Jersey to pick up litter along Bradley Beach.

Helping Disadvantaged People in Australia

One man passing a large box to another man.

With many families in need and homelessness on the rise, INC Giving Volunteers mobilized to gather donations for ClothesLine in Sydney, Australia. See how their efforts made a difference in helping the disadvantaged people in their community.

The Kindness of Sharing Your Faith

Woman holding card, smiling along with INC Giving volunteers

Sharing is an act of kindness that can be done in many different ways. We can share our time, resources, and knowledge–amongst many other things. But what is the kindest act of all? We hear from INC Giving volunteers and recipients about the kindness of sharing faith.