Thank You, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, for the INC Giving Project

6 pictures of people helping the community with text below: "Thank you, Brother V. Manalo, for the INC Giving Project"

The INC Giving Project, like many activities of the Church Of Christ, have inspired individuals all over the world to be better Christians. It’s through the example of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, that we carry this inspiration with us — today and every day.

Caring For Our Community

Two women standing next to each other smiling in a caring community in Seattle

Even in Seattle, Washington, poverty and violence can be found on the streets. To many residents, finding a safe community means a lot. So bringing people together is what INC Giving volunteers from across the state of Washington aimed to do through the INC Media Experience. 

Love And Respect For Teachers

Teachers and students on stage presenting award

Teachers work hard everyday for their students. They plan, teach and guide, often times with minimal resources. It’s a labor of love that, sadly, is not always reciprocated. There has been a general trend away from respect and consideration in classrooms these days.  So how did these students and their parents in Italy do their part to turn it around?

Helping At Risk Youth Through Boxing

Young boy training with boxing coach

See how mentoring at-risk youth in Las Vegas, Nevada, through boxing, has motivated and taken this group of young people down a path they never expected.