The Framework

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We’ll take a look behind the scenes at some of your favorite stories on the show and get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Blueprint.

Reopening a Worship Building in Sacramento

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While it’s never been the most prominent and most well-known city in the state, California’s capital city, Sacramento, and its surrounding cities have experienced rapid growth in the last two decades.
See how the growth of Sacramento led to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) purchasing and reopening a worship building formerly owned by the Gloria Dei Church and how the congregation’s new location has brought hope and impact to the community.
If you’d like to visit this house of worship in Sacramento or any of the houses of worship of the Church Of Christ, visit

Laying Down New Roots

Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ house of worship interior with overlay text: Blueprint Roseville California

Roseville, California is one of the destinations that have seen an inflow of bay area residents. Today we’ll find out how a church building on a hill is influencing the decision to pick up and move out of the San Francisco bay area.

A Symbol of Hope in Victoria

Victoria Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church Of Christ house of worship chapel with overlay text: "Blueprint Victoria British Columbia"

After closing its doors, the former worship building of the Garden City United church in Victoria is renovated and becomes a symbol of hope for the city.

Growth in Jacksonville, Florida

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Can geography impact how a city grows and even who moves there? Jacksonville, Florida, the city with the largest land area in the United States, to find out.

New Life in Lubbock

Interior of house of worship with overlay text Blueprint Lubbock Texas

At a time when churches are closing, find out why the Church Of Christ chose to revive an abandoned church building in Lubbock, Texas.