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A Distinct House of Worship in Anchorage

An Iglesia Ni Cristo house of worship surrounded by snow with mountains behind it, with a partial 'blueprint' filter over it and text overlay that reads Blueprint Anchorage Alaska.

Alaska is known for its northern lights, glaciers, and the great outdoors, just to name a few. See how the transformation of this house of worship on Bragaw Street in Anchorage is attracting some attention and even introducing the Church Of Christ to the community.

Linking the Past to the Present in Ewa Beach

As Ewa Beach transforms from its sleepy plantation-era roots to a growing suburb, it becomes even more important to remember the lessons from the past and pass it on to the next generation.

The Church Of Christ’s construction of a large worship building in Ewa Beach just minutes away from the small plantation home the Church held its first worship service outside of the Philippines becomes an opportunity to connect the past with the present and, more importantly, to the future.

To visit the Ewa Beach worship building or other houses of worship of the Church Of Christ, visit

Making History on DC’s Historic 16th Street

An Iglesia Ni Cristo house of worship from an aerial view with a blueprint type filter with text overlay that reads Blueprint Washington, D.C.

With its rich history and proximity to the important buildings and monuments of the United States capital, the history of DC’s 16th Street and its role in the city’s religious history can be easily overlooked. Join Nan as he explores why there are dozens of worship buildings on 16th Street, just minutes away from the White House. And see how the transformation of one of the worship buildings into an Iglesia Ni Cristo worship building continues to give hope and guidance to individuals living in that area.

Building a Church Community in Burlingame

interior and drawing of a Church of Christ house of worship chapel with overlay text: "Blueprint Burlingame California"

Burlingame can be considered one of the most unchurched cities in America. But can the restoration of this house of worship make a difference in the community? /// If you’d like to visit this house of worship in Burlingame or any of the houses of worship of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), visit

Impact of a Worship Building in Temecula

A house of worship facing the street, where half has a blueprint filter with text overlay that reads Blueprint Temecula California.

What do people consider when moving into a community? Is it a location? The people? You may think it’s for one reason, but the reason could be completely different when you look back. Meet individuals living in Temecula, California, and see how their lives were shaped by the decision to move to the city and the presence of the Church Of Christ house of worship.

Restoring Faith and Community in Philadelphia

A chapel sanctuary with rows of pews and a pulpit at the other end with a blueprint filter on one side with text overlay that reads Blueprint Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Every year, the number of churches closing in Philadelphia, a city founded on religious freedom, continues to grow. Among them was the Mater Delarosa property in Philadelphia on Ruan Street. See how the restoration of the worship building brought new life and new faith to the Northeast Philadelphia community in the face of dwindling religious fervor in the city.

The Return to Worship Buildings

Interior of a worship building outlined in white with a blue tint and text of Blueprint.

Do you remember life before the pandemic? Churches may have changed during the pandemic, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the longing to return to in person services. Find out what some individuals missed most about worship buildings in the Church Of Christ.

Plantation Roots: How Wahiawa Became Home

A facade of a chapel under blue skies with the text Blueprint Wahiawa Hawaii.

From food to language, the history of the plantation workers in Hawaii continues to shape what people know about life on the island. Learn how Hawaii’s plantation economy made way for individuals to find a place to worship God in small farming communities like Wahiawa and why there was a need to renovate a new worship building to accommodate the growing number of worshippers in the area.